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Thread: Being engaged.

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    Confused Being engaged.

    What do you consider being engaged?

    Do you believe that when two people plan on getting married, even if one hasn't "officially" been asked that they're engaged?

    I know it's up to the person, but what do you considered engaged to yourself.
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    I think you're engaged once the question is asked officially. There doesn't have to be a ring, but it just has to be really asked.
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    To me, being engaged means the question has been asked even if there's no ring.

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    I never considered myself engaged. I was never proposed to, never got a ring, and we got married about a month after we picked a date. We just looked at the calender and said, "The 13th works, right?"

    For me, I consider "being engaged" to mean that you're actively talking about the wedding plans, about living arrangements, children, etc. And that you intend to get married within 18 months or so. Unless there are issues like deployments or job contracts, I don't understand being engaged for years and years. Shit or get off the pot.
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    To be "engaged" and to say you're "engaged" means someone popped the question.

    However, my hubby and my friends considered us engaged because we were together so long without being married. We still considered ourselves boyfriend/girlfriend until he proposed.
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    i believe popping the question is being engaged me and db talk about getting married all the time but i dont consider us engaged until he gets down on one knee

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    Engaged to me is when not only have you been asked "the questions", but when you've discussed the future too. To me, a real engagement is romantic and realistic. That's just me though. DB and I have talked about our plans and what we think about how children should be raised. If we hadn't and he asked it wouldn't be the same to me.

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    I was never asked the question "Will you marry me?" It was always talked about getting married while he was away and such, but no actual question. We've been married for 3 months now, and still, I haven't heard those special 4 words. I did, however have a ring.

    So to me, it's just planning on getting married, whether or not the question was asked. If that makes any sense..

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    To me being engaged means, that both parties have seriously discussed marriage, a wedding, children, etc. And have the intention of getting married in the near future. A ring is not necessary.
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    to me, it's the question. exDB and I talked about marriage all the time and family, etc. there was a plan, but he never full on ASKED. until then, I wouldn't tell someone I was "engaged"- that's just me.

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