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Thread: Stress free jobs

  1. Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Stress free jobs

    Is there even such a thing???

    I'm just curious because this has been one hellacious week for me at work.... I'm not considering leaving or anything... I LOVE it here but it got me thinking....

    Is there such a thing as a stress-free job? Even things like taking fast-food orders or adding numbers all day.... they have stress related issues also right?

    What would you consider a "stress-free" job?
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    Nope all jobs involve some type of stress and i have worked fast food it is stress to the max at times
  3. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    No such thing.
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    There's good stress and there's bad stress, and you'd really have to figure out if it would be more stressful to be unemployed or just to hang on to the job you've got right now. So many people are out of work, there's no real incentive for your employer to treat you like anything special (sorry, but it is what it is).

    I'm sorry it sucks.
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    Taking fast-food orders is the number one most stressful job I have ever worked. Every job has different stress from different sources, I think. I'm sorry you're having a hard time.
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    I would say being a check out girl, its pretty care free. I did it in high school and other than standing on your feet all day long it was pretty easy and I was never stressed out. I had quit working at sonic to work at Winn Dixie because fast food is sooo stressful.

    Im trying to think of what I want to do when I grow up() and my only requirement is that I want a job where when I go home I dont think about it. And I dont have nightmares that I forgot to do something at work. I can't come up with anything.
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    Sure - maybe 10 people in the world purely 100% stressfreely enjoy their job.
    But everyone else has stress to some degree wrapepd up in work - no matter how much someone likes their job.

    I use to think that making my own jewelry would be awesome - stress free. But letting my hobby become my career was a very stressful thing. It took something that was my "get away" and made it a headache and nothing but a workload.
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    It's Halloween so.... you know, BOO!
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    Nope, no such thing as stress-free. EVERYTHING we do comes equipped with a level of stress assigned to it. For instance, I LOVE writing and video games. Logically, I would LOVE a job writing reviews about video games. Quite the opposite, actually. I love them when I do them for FUN - when I was made to do them for a job, I grew to loathe it. Every job or career path we take has a level of difficulty to it, and this difficulty creates stress. Our ability to cope with this stress and perform the required tasks does vary from person to person, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that stress is commonplace. Some of us excel with deadlines, others lock up. Some of us LOVE the view in our office, others prefer to work in a closet. Some of us HATE to transit to work, others adore the chance to sing our favorite songs as close to the correct key as we can. ALL of these things are levels of stress in our lives that pertain to work.

    And as eelo pointed out, there is indeed good stress. The night before your 8th birthday party, the night before the first day of school... most of us stayed up for hours in wonderment over what that future held. That's a good stress.
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    No such thing, just more stress and less stress.

    Unfortunately for me, I've signed on for more stress -- good thing I thrive on it to some extent.
    Keep on keeping on.

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