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Thread: "Job" Vs "Career"

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    "Job" Vs "Career"

    This is NOT to discount SAHM or SAHWs. Just something I've been pondering lately.

    Do you think it's ok not to have a career if you're in the workforce?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm looked down on by my "professional" friends. I have quite a few career minded friends. It's almost as if they don't respect me because I have "no ambition to get farther in life".

    My mom always told me to go to college to get a degree and have a "career". She still tells me to go back to school, I'm going to be 38 this year. Yeah, I know I could still go to school. My husband's grandma graduated from college at the age of 57! But do I really want to?

    I've had many jobs, I've even had my own businesses. I've held supervisory roles. But the truth is, I really like going to work, and coming home and not having to worry about work when I'm home. I'm really happy for those of you that make lots of money as a professional. But I'm totally content Being wife, mother, and receptionist.

    I don't look down on people who work in factories or McDs. The reason there are jobs like that is because everyone has different goals in life.

    What do you think. Do you look down on people because you think they're not ambitious? Do people look down on you?
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    i like having a "job" over a career as well. my family and my personal/private time is way too important to me to sacrifice for a big career. i work to live, not live to work.

    i think its totally a personal choice.
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    Whatever makes you happy and pays the bills is what you should go for. Everyone has to have different jobs/careers/paths due to the different types of jobs that are out there (IT Dept vs. McDonalds!).

    I love my career but there definitely are days when I'd kill to work at a "job" and come home not having to think about it after the day is done.

    The only thing that rubs me the wrong way is when I have friends with jobs that complain constantly about how much they hate them, when they can but choose NOT to further themselves. If you're going to complain (not just a gripe, but fullout "hate" your job), do something about it. It's all about being happy where you work. If you aren't, you dig a really early grave and turn gray real quick.
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    Honestly I feel looked down upon because I didn't finish my degree. I'm going back to school next year. People are constantly telling me I'm too smart to have just a job. I like what I do though.

    I think everyone is different. I don't think it should matter as long as you are happy and can provide for yourself.
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    I went to school for a "career" and did it for a few years. I hated how life consuming it was. I think if you are a career driven person, then it's great; and if you can find a balance, even better. Now I'm a SAHW soon to be a SAHM and while some days bore me to tears I love it way more than my previous career.
    I don't look down on anyone for their choices. As long as people are happy that's all that should matter.

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    I am going for both. My family is the most important thing, but I also have to consider my own wants as well. That is why I, at 31, am still going to school and working a Job as a Commander's Secretary. I had a little melt down midlife crisis the other night because from time to time I get down that if I had made different choices I would have the career I have wanted since I was 3 yrs old and that would be to follow in my Aunt's footsteps as a Federal Agent. My DH is a cop and he loves it and I have to live through him and his excitement. It is hard when he has a career and I just have a job. I do not feel looked down upon at all though. Except when I inflict it on myself. But, back to reality - family is first there for I got out of the military and choose to be a 9-5er! Take care honey!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amberly View Post
    I think everyone is different. I don't think it should matter as long as you are happy and can provide for yourself.
    I agree. And that's about all I can say on the topic.
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    Oh I'm sure people look down me. But if they'd talk to me, then they'd know I've chosen family OVER a career, having already tried the career thing. Having gone down that road and SEEN what it takes to succeed at a corporate level, I'll tell anybody **that asks** what my choice was and why. Problem is, people assume too much when they start judging books by their covers.

    I've had many jobs, I've even had my own businesses. I've held supervisory roles. But the truth is, I really like going to work, and coming home and not having to worry about work when I'm home
    I'm with you 100% on this. I was successful in the corporate workplace before I met DH. In 3 years I worked from the bottom rung of the sales ladder to managing my own sales team of 20 people. I had to dedicate no less than 60 hours a week to the job, and I LOVED it. Then I met DH and had to choose one or the other - because I couldn't dedicate myself to both without one or the other suffering. The choice was obvious to me

    Now, with a family, I wouldn't go back into the "career" scene for all the tea in china. And I like tea!! I've worked a few jobs since then, and it was really nice to be able to know that my schedule was my schedule, if I was supposed to be off at 5 then I would be off at 5, and I wasn't really responsible for anyone but myself. THAT'S THE BEST PART

    Being responsible for other people in the workplace is a PITA.

    So no worries Eye, you're not alone.
    "Wine is proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy."
    ~Benjamin Franklin~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
    I agree. And that's about all I can say on the topic.

    i love my career, but there is nothing wrong with being a receptionist we all need them.
  10. Cookie Queen
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    I feel as if being a SAHM IS frowned upon, especially within my family. Everyone else has college degrees and careers. However I did what I wanted to in life, which was to start a family and raise my kids. It wasn't until last year that I decided that I wanted to work towards obtaining a college degree and towards a career. Up until that point, I was fine with working "jobs" and not having a career. Now I just want something important to do once the girls are in school 6-7 hours a day. However getting to the point of having a degree and career is going to take years and years for me since we simply cannot afford it. So, snails pace is it and in the meantime I'll be working "jobs" and I'm fine with that.
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