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Thread: In-Laws

  1. it's cliche but live, laugh, love.
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    it's cliche but live, laugh, love.
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    Why do you think so many people have problems with their in-laws?

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    I got all this, and personality too.
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    I dislike my inlaws simply for the type of people they are. I'd dislike them if they were my coworkers, my cousins, my neighbors, whatever because of the lifestyle they choose to lead.

    But I think for a lot of people its the butting in they don't like. The in-laws and parents thinking they know how to run the relationship better than the actual 2 people involved in it.
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    I don't have ANY problems with my future in-laws. They love me to really don't know

    Maybe for some families, the mother gets jealous that her son is now taken by another woman?

    Maybe they did things in the past to that family, and the family has never forgiven them?
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    i think its difference in opinions, on how the spouse "child" should be treated or difference in opinion in general.
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    I get along with SIL, my 2 BIL's and most of the time MIL except when MIL has her moments.

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    Our problem is that they don't treat DH like an adult.
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    For me and my inlaws it was a fight over DH. I knew who he really was and they were still pushing him to be who they wanted him to be. Now that we are all out in the open about everything we get along great.

    I think most of it has to be with being raised differently and laying "claim" to another human
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    I think that is specific to each relationship, and not one mass problem everyone experiences. I have many reasons for excluding them from our life.
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    I personally do not get along with my inlaws bc of there actions and the way they ave chosen to treat myself, my family, and even my husband at time...Especially my FIL he is very rude and disrespectful and I wont stand for that in my home....But my husband gets along great with my parents...They treat him just like he was their own son and its awesome...
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    I dislike my MIL because she doesn't know how to step back and let us live our own life. She is way too overprotective. I know she doesn't think I'm good enough for her son, but the fact of the matter is that he decided that he loves me and I know I love him and now we're having a baby together so she really needs to get over that. Or at least not make it as well known of a fact to us.

    I dislike my FIL because I don't approve of a lot of what he does. Yes, he's 45 years old and can make his own decisions, however, smoking weed and deciding that women are just something you can abuse constantly and floating from one to another is just not the type of role model I want my child to be around. So more or less, my only problem is that I just don't want my child around him. He's a great person to talk to, but until he becomes a better role model for my child, I do not intend on letting him see his grandchild.
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