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Thread: These are the breed bans on post.

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    These are the breed bans on post.

    This is in effect for those moving on post, the ones who already live on post w/ their pets will not be affected. Banned breeds are as follows;

    The ban - which includes breeds of dogs generally known as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chows and wolf hybrids

    This is hitting other posts as well. Do you think this is fair? Do you feel that most military families moving on post will have dogs that are non-aggressive, ie attacking ppl for no reason etc?
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    Really? Chows? I'd have never guess it.
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    Eh... not sure how i feel about it, I didn't think the pit bull was to bad of a dog till I was in the ER one night for a reaction, and a little girl came in and i saw what a dog could do to someone... (of course one dog attacking doesn't make the whole breed bad) but it still scared the hell outta me...
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    Is this for all bases? All branches? Overseas?
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    i think that's such bullshit. it depends on the dog, not on the breed.

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    I think its unfair. That's like saying because one person of a certain race killed someone so they all must be bad. Its all in the upbringing. I'm glad I don't live on post because we have a Rottweiler.
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    My mom had a chow that hated everyone except my mom and youngest sister. He wound up being put down because he put 126 stitches in the neighbors head. Of course..the neighbor tried to pet him..and he didn't want to be pet Chow are VERY protective of their humans and homes!
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    It's generally for insurance purposes. We leased an apartment that had breed restrictions, even restricting German Shepherds, or else the landwhore would have lost her home insurance she carried on the building.

    Oh, and chows are assholes.
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    Personally, I think it's bullshit.

    Not that that's any surprise.
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    I've had pitts all my life, and I've NEVER worried about how they'll act around other people.

    But, how they'll act around other animals is a different story. And when you're living on base with homes that are so close together, protecting people as well as other pets is important. Even if you have your dog on a leash, those dogs are sometimes hard to hold onto. Not to mention what would happen if someone tried to break up a dog fight.

    It's sad that people will have to leave their loved ones, but if it's really so much of an issue then they should consider getting a place off base.

    That's my take on it.
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