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Thread: Keeping your own last name?

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    Keeping your own last name?

    I recently brought up the subject of keeping my own name after we got married to DF. He was pretty much livid just at the thought of it. I just really love my last name. It's not common but it's rarely said wrong. His last name on the other hand is a lot more common in certain parts of the country. I just googled what my soon to be name pops up and there are multiple people with that name. Mine on the other hand just pops up me.

    I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the matter?
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    umm.. i dont know my husband was happy to give me his last name.. and i was proud and still am proud to rock his last name. i guess it all depends on you and your DF.. cuz my husband is all about making his last name survive

    IMy Baby Boy!
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    Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, but currently in Oklahoma City.
    my last name is uncommon.. no one even heard of my last name it seems.
    but my df is VERY common but im goin to take his last name just because i know he'd be a lil upset if i didnt, and i kinda like the way my name sounds with his last name
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    I changed mine. But that is just me.

    Does it really matter if there is someone else with "your" name? I know for my sister, there are 3 others in this country. She has never had an issue with it.
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    I didn't take my DH's last name until he joined the military, and that was only to make things easier with the paperwork and stuff. I kept my last name too though--and why shouldn't I? It's just as important as his, and it represents MY family history and legacy which, no matter how much I love DH, his lineage is not mine.

    My daughter has both of our last names as well, but that's primarily because I wasn't married when I had her. That's a different debate all together, but I wouldn't give a kid of mine the last name of the father if we weren't married. At least not solely.

    That is all.
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    I took my husbands last name. I think it depends on the people. My mom kept her last the time it was because she was in the middle of nursing school and didn't want to have to change all of her financial aid and scholorship stuff and just kept it that way even after she was done. They are cool with it but for me I'm married to him and it just works for us.
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    My name is stunningly beautiful if I do say so myself and I've always known that I plan on keeping it. THEN I met DB AND ex-DB...both having awesomely unusual last names too.

    My conclusion will be hyphenate if I stay with DB...though it'll be hella long!

    I just love and adore my name too much and I've had it too long to become someone else It wouldn't fit!!
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    If you really want to keep yours, you might consider hyphenating to keep the peace. For me, it wasn't a question whether I would take his or not, but it has turned out to be incredibly convenient to have the same last name, in business and personal matters.
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    I'm still in the process of changing mine over, but it will be done oneday. I do call myself by DH's last name. I also think it's also easier when you have kids.

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    Mine is hyphenated for a few reasons.
    1) It is part of my identity that I will never give up
    2) I hate DH's last name
    3)I am still in school and all my paperwork has my maiden name on it.

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