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Thread: Posting pictures of other people (adults and children) online

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    Posting pictures of other people (adults and children) online


    Photographers who post pictures of their clients (adults or children)
    People who post pictures of other peope they saw at the store, etc, because of something funny or cute.
    People who post pictures of you or your children without your consent (like a friend or family member)

    I'm asking because my Dad put up a website related to his motocycle stuff and I saw that he had our photos on there...And that made me feel VERY uncomfortable and offended, actually. So I asked him to take them down and he did - but not without complaining about how stingy I was being.
    (Take in account that I'm privacy and OPSEC obcessive at all times)

    In my humblest opinion it's one thing to post adults but I would never post someone else's child online without that parent's permission.
  2. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I don't put anyone one there unless I have written consent to do it. I don't want the hassle of them coming after me. If the person doesn't care, that is fine but otherwise..nope.
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  3. Senior Member
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    ok with consent
  4. ash
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    if a photographer has it in their contract that they retain the right to use the pictures for promotional and other purposes than that is more than okay.

    posting pictures of friends, family or strangers w/o asking I think is less okay.
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  5. Account Closed
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    I don't mind professional photographers because once a person takes your photo is is their property to do with as they wish. Read the small print most say that as well.

    My BIL and my sister have both snagged pics off my myspace to put in theirs and I don't mind that either.

    As for the other I can only see that happening if I was at an event sponsored by the store and again if they take the photo it is their property. You don't have to have permission to take pictures of a crowd either. (which is how that pedo that takes pics of kids in public could not get arrested because he had not broken the law )

    Last pictures have to do with PERSEC which is a recommendation not OPSEC with is a regulation that pertains to troop and ship movement.
  6. Senior Member
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    As long as the person asks if it's okay, I'm fine w/ it. Outside of a professional because I would sign a consent.

    Whenever I take pictures and other peoples kids are in them, I password the album. Like Dia's field trips and school events.
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    I put not ok but what I mean is not ok without permission.
  8. Just your everyday, laidback Aussie Girl
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    When you go to a photographer, I think it is just general knowledge that they may put your pics on the internet and I also think most photographers ask you to sign a disclaimer incase they decide to use your pics for pormotional work.

    Walking around a store and seeing something funny, just let it be, there is no need to take pics. If someone took a pic of me or my children without my concent, I would be angry, especailly if I did not know who they were. If I know the people (friends/family) and they posted pics on myspace or something like that, I would be ok, but other than that,

  9. Senior Member
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    I said not at all... but if you have consent then I think that is fine. I personally do not like having my family's pictures plastered everywhere unless I am the one that put them there so I try to think of how I would feel. Also, I try not to take pictures of anybody else's kids especially unless I know they are okay with it. I had one person freak out on me about it and so now I would rather play it safe than sorry.
  10. Senior Member
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    the only pictuers i post are of my friends and we kind of have an unspoken thing that they are most likely going to end up on myspace. ive had a few people email me for specific pictures to be taken down but the reason is always "i lool like crap"

    my profile is also private and only my friends have access to my pictures

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