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Thread: The great debate! (SOS style)

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    Hello The great debate! (SOS style)

    I've been thinking about doing this for quite awhile now, but kept putting it off because I've been too lazy to make the thread

    Ok so my idea:

    The SOS great debate.

    ANYONE can take part, debate experience (IRL) isn't necessary, ofcourse.

    ONE topic- which we shall vote on.

    No slamming. The debate will start civil, and remain that way.


    You will not necessarily be arguing about what you believe in


    The debate is "why McDonalds should be made illegal".

    You are in a team with (with how many other members) and your team is called to argue AGAINST McDonalds. Even if *you* love McDonalds, your arguements are going to have to be against them. Your personal opinion, doesn't quite matter

    I want it done this way, so it can remain civil, and quite interesting.

    **There will be no discrimination while making teams. Your personal opinion, will not be a reason for you being in "that" team. It's luck of the draw.**


    Usually in RL, each member takes a turn debating their position one at a time, waits for a rebuttal and then continues down the line. However, I realise that isn't really going to be the best way to do it, as we come online at different times. Sooo I'm thinking we won't change our usual SOS debate style anymore, we will just debate when we like- however there WILL be judges, who will help keep the debate civil, and once everyone has argued for their team atleast once (or maybe a million times), and the arguement closes up-the judges will declare a winning team.

    So yeah- lets recap. We will vote on a subject, split the participants into 2 teams, and get the ball rolling.

    If you don't think you can debate, because you may not be debating what you believe in- please don't join. The chance of this debate being about something sensitive is pretty high.

    Also- I reckon we might want to have a practise run to see if it's possible to do this.

    It's a semi formal debate, more formal than the usual SOS debates, but less formal then RL debates.

    Anyone interested?

    You guys better be
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    That sounds interesting!
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    oooo i want to do it

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    yea yea!! sounds interesting to me!
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    Yup am interested...count me in Simmy
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    Sounds fun!

    Just please don't make me argue in favor of circumcision. I don't think I could do it!

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    i am in lol
    I feel the need to be petted too!
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    I have had to do this in so many classes.

    It always ends up fun though--so count me in
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    I'm not a debate person so I'll probably stay out of it but I know exactly how it is to debate about something you don't agree with. In high school I had a debate about why homosexuals shouldn't be allowed in the military. I didn't get to choose which side so I got stuck with why they shouldn't be allowed even though I thought they should. I did pretty good though considering I wasn't prepared because I was too lazy to look up crap for it.
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    I'll tell Rod (Hatetank) about this thread. He may actually be interested in doing this since that is how he debates
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