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    30 Days

    Who watched it last night? It was a really good one, I loved it and of course talked SO's ears off the whole show.

    This woman who didn't believe gays should adopt went and lived 30 days with gay men who had adopted 4 children. I knew she wouldn't change her mind, I told SO that she has built a life around this belief and that she wouldn't change it. She tried to convince the men that it was nothing personal, but I would have taken it personal as well. They told her that they couldn't be friends with someone who wanted to deny them their right to their kids. She said they were being too judgemental and putting a harsh restriction on who they would be friends with. I told SO that I doubt she would be friends with someone who based thier life mission on outlawing her religion and having to hear how bad or immoral she was. Any way, this will blow up in a debate, but I wondered if anyoen else had seen it or had opinions on it.
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    I have not seen that show but it sounds really interesting!
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    I LOVE that show. Unfortunately my stupid DVR went wacko and stopped recording ALL of my shows. I am going to go look for a re-run right now though so I can tape it and then I will TOTALLY discuss it with you!

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