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Thread: is there any topic....

  1. Bex
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    is there any topic....

    [that CAN'T be debated?]

    I mean, is there ONE thing in life that someone couldn't or wouldn't go out of their way to debate? Not just on here but IRL. I mean, most say "the sky is blue" but I'm sure there's someone out there who would debate it

    I'm taking an ethics/logic class right now, and at this point, I'd say that just about everything could be debateable.
  2. Senior Member
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    I think anything can be debated. People have interpretations on everything and it varies person to person so really noone sees one thing in the same way as another so yep anything can be debated.
  3. Cookie Queen
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    I think people can debate the sky being blue because technically it's not, it just looks blue. I thought it had something to do with air molecules reflecting blue over other colors, blah blah blah.

    As for the question, not sure. Most everything seems like it certainly can be debatable.
  4. fridaynightgirl
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    What an interesting question!

    I think anything that had pretty incontrovertible evidence would be pretty tough to debate. For example, my daughter's paternity or the fact that she wasn't switched at birth or something else like that. KWIM?

    I may be over simplifying but I tend to agree with you that people can debate almost anything.
  5. Gained a child but lost my sanity!
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    In general I don't thin you can debate people's feelings on things with them if that makes sense. Like you couldn't tell me that I don't love my family when I know good & well that I do KWIM? Not that people don't try . . . .
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    Color is really just a reflection or absorption of light and our eyes perceive the reflected light, so does anything really have a color or does it just appear to be colored? Without light there is no color. really can debate anything even if it's preposterous or just plain wrong.
  7. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    I think pretty much everything can be debated. You can always find someone somewhere that will debate you no matter what it is.
  8. Loving Life!
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    Can't or Shouldn't

    My little Loves!
  9. Looking for the sunshine...
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    The only thing I can think of is death. NOT if you die is there life after death, heaven or hell ect....

    Death of the human body. Can't debate that. Each body does die...what happens to the soul or what people think happens to the soul is debatable...but the actual body does die.

    Sorry, pretty morbid, but I think everything else is free game to people. There are just those people that will debate anything and everything....
  10. .boricua.
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    I think its not debatable whether or not my name is Liliana hahahahaha (would have used my full name and then realize this is the internet LOL)
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