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Thread: Does age matter...?

  1. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Does age matter...?

    Do you think age matters in a relationship? or is age only a state of mind? how many years apart do you think is too much...?

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    I dont think it does. As long as you're in it for the right reasons..
    If you wanna be 20 and date a 90 year old.. ew and more power to ya lol
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    Age is just a number to me. I dated my ex for 2.5 years and we are 12 years apart.

    Now my dad was married to someone who was 26 years younder then him. To me that is gross but probably becuase he is my dad.
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    I don't think age matters at all! It's how old you act!
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    ummm I have mixed emotions about it....I think it has its bad points me and my ex husband are ten years a part and had NOTHING in common, which a lot was to do with our age differences....

    My mom and dad are 10 years a part and she is in her 50's and still going strong and my dad is in his 60's and is now acting like a old man who just wants to nap al the time to where my mom still wants to go do things.

    But it really depends on the people.....So I am not totally against it
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    John and I are 5 years apart (he is older) and we get along great. We enjoy a lot of the same things. Part of the reason I love him so much and pretty much why I fell in love in the first place is he is so easy to talk to. Even when we started talking I felt like I could tell him anything. I've dated other guys 5 years older than me down to 1 month younger than me before him and never was I made to feel so comfortable and able to open like that. I don't know how to explain it other than we just get each other. I don't see that as an age thing. I see it as we are meant to be together.

    I do have to say though when 2 people get to be like 30 or more years apart I do tend to wonder. But, hey as long as both parties are happy.
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    Every relationship is different
    But a 14 year old and 19 year old is not cool
    But a 34 year old and a 39 year old is okay

    ya know?
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    I think as we get older age doesn't matter as much. I was seeing a 28 year old for a bit at 20 and I thought he was old in number compared to me but the guy fit me. He was the first guy I could actually have a real conversation with.
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    My DB is 28. I'm 22.

    My parents are 10 years apart.

    To me, it's normal. Doesn't really bother me.

    Plus, most guys my age are complete freaking morons.
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    i dated an older guy for a bit. we had a great time together. very similar personalities & interests, but i couldn't handle the pressure of society.

    db is 4 years younger than me & i notice it quite a bit. he's not in the settle down nesting phase that i'm in. he's never lived on his own, only with his parents & the navy. i've been on my own since i left for college, 6 weeks after turning 18. he also doesn't have the relationship experience i have, so his response when something/anything is bothering him in his personal life or relationship wise is just to withdraw.
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