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Thread: Messy Car, messy person in life

  1. La Xicana
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    Messy Car, messy person in life

    Do you believe in the saying that you can judge how 'neat' or 'messy' a person is by looking at the inside of their car?

    I have found that from the people I know in my life, that comes out to be true a lot of the time.

    For example, my sister's car is always a wreck. Her car was bought brand new 2 years ago, and by looking at the inside of it today you'd swear it was 20 years old and a dumpster. It has stains everywhere, there is always junk in there, trash, etc., and its always dirty on the outside. Then when you see her room, its trashed most of the time as well. She's overall a disorganized messy person. And the same with her personal appearance. She is not dirty but always looks just a little disheveled on the day to day.

    My mom and my best friend always have their cars clean. They always take out trash from inside and keep them neat with not clutter that is not necessary. My mom does keep some kitchy little trinkets in her car, and it's funny because she is the same way at home. Her house and room are always neat and clean, but she always has these random kitchy little things all over the place, LOL. And her appearance the same, her clothes are usually second hand or outdated, but she is always neat and clean. Then my best friend always keeps her car bare, she doesn't really have any extras, usually she only has like some gum and water in her car and a picture of her and her fiance on the dash. The same with her house, always very neat and tidy, not frilly stuff, just some pictures around. And same for her appearance, always just very simple pieces, nothing too bright or extravagant.

    Then there is my car, my car is usually clean, no trash or crap laying around, but there is stuff left behind sometimes that probably doesn't need to be in there. For example, I always have fabric shopping bags in the trunk, I have my CD's and CD case, there is a small bag in my backseat with an item I have to return, that I have yet to do for the past month, LOL. I am the same at home. My house is usually clean, but once in a while I have a pile of stuff somewhere that could really just be put away or thrown out. Like maybe old mail, or magazines or something.

    What is your experience with this, do you believe messy car = messy person?
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    i dont think so. i am proof. normally my car is a mess because of the kids. but 95% of the time you can walk into my house at anytime and it's clean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donna View Post
    i dont think so. i am proof. normally my car is a mess because of the kids. but 95% of the time you can walk into my house at anytime and it's clean.
    I feel like my car is always a mess because of Cam's stuff or dh's crap. I clean my house everyday though, and I try to stay very organized.
  4. Lindsey.
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    I don't agree. My car is a mess probably because I'm rarely in it... however my apartment is spotless 99% of the time.

    I have seen this saying be true for some people but generally I don't think it applies.
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    Our car and our condo are clean too

    I've never noticed a pattern in other people.

  6. I Can See Clearly Now....The S**T Is Gone
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    i don't know...i think it depends on what is going on in the persons life at the time....some weeks are good and some are bad....i don't think it's ever a good general characterization of a sisters car is normally crazy trashed....but her house is picked up and it just depends....
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    I semi-agree. During the school year, I can be a messy person because I'm so caught up with school work. I try not to be and if people will be coming over, I always make the time to tidy up. My car is usually clean. I try to take out any trash that may be in there from that day and usually don't like to leave anything in there. It does get hair because I have a huge dog that I usually take back and forth with me to work on the weekends. So... I guess usually if my car is a little messy, my house will be a tad bit messy because I haven't had the time in the day or week to get on top of cleaning it all. Other times, I'm super tidy and clean.
  8. Mmhmm.
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    hex yes.

    im a control freak.
    right now my house is a mess but its because I've melted to this chair and i cant get off of it.
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    I don't know others. I know it doesn't apply to me My car is a mess but it's cause I barely use it and I forget things there. It's messy, not nasty.
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    if I have been doing allot of commuting my car is a wreck but mostly with clothes and books and stuff...oh and lots of starbucks napkins lol and yes my house is sorta the same, it is clean but probably not really tidy. DB is a neat freak so he is balancing me out a bit but he says it's just me and how busy I am.

    hmm so I guess I would say yes, although a friend of mines car is a mess and her house insn' hmmm I guess it just depends
    bye for now

    "Life is too short for drama & petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, Love truly and forgive quickly." -unknown

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