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Thread: Breast size and nursing

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    Breast size and nursing

    LOL - ok, I'm suppose to be abstaining from the net but that's hard, can't quit cold turkey and this was too funny to pass up.

    My Mom and I are trying to figure out what makes breasts attractive to men.
    My mother's genuine view:

    "Men seem to be attracted to women with breasts that are representative of their mother's at the time of birth. . .Your aunt has small breasts and so her boys all are married to women with small breasts and similar features. . .Your cousin has gigantic breasts and her son is now dating someone with huge breasts. . ."

    LOL - aint my Momma grand.

    So - your view on breast size as an attractive quality in regards to mother's "nursing" size?
  2. Twin Wrangler Extraordinaire
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    My mother-in-law has huge boobs, I have little boobs. I honestly don't know if my husband was breastfed or not, but he does like boobs. A lot.

    My mom has little boobs, one of my brothers likes any and all boobs (he wasn't breastfed), the other prefers big ones (he was).

    Personally, I'm not a fan of big boobs.
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    My MIL has small boobs and mine are ginormous, I am spilling from an H cup. Guess DH felt deprived.
  4. I'm Awesome
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    My MIL had small boobs and breastfed my husband... I have big boobs.
  5. Account Closed
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    I don't think that really has much to do with it... DB's mom is big well i'm on the opposite end.. but he loves my legs and rear end which i suppose is a good thing. But i don't know i suppose that study could stand in some situations but i don't think that has everything to do with what attracts men.
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    lol, i def. don't have a huge chest like my MIL. haha. i'm like an A and she's like a D.
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    I don't know.. I've never really looked at my MIL's boobs..
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    i dunno lol my mil has average breasts and i have large ones (large before breastfeeding too)
  9. Mommy of two sweet girls!
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    I don't think it has anything to do with it. I have small boobs and my MIL is quite large. I guess my DH is with me because of my butt and not my boobs! Ha!

    My Bella!
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    Works with us! MILs are about the same size as mine! Maybe that's why things didn't work out with his exes, their boobs were too big!
    Needs work.
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