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Thread: Movie theater regulations...

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    Movie theater regulations...

    Do you think it's right for a movie theater to regulate the movies children under 5 can see?!? At the movie theater we frequent, this is their policy:

    In consideration of our Evening Movie Guests, FOR EVENING SHOWS STARTING AFTER 6 PM: * No children under 5 years old are allowed to PG13 or R rated films
    Do you agree with it? Why or why not?!

    ALL their PG-13 & R movies are played after 6pm.
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    Yes, I do agree with it. Most PG 13 films are not appropriate for little eyes/ears.. and I think that the actual movie ratings have gotten a lot more lax these days. Plus, people spend quite a bit to see movies in theaters, why should their experience be ruined by a kid screaming because he/she gets scared???

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    Yes I agree. Adults want to see adult movies. And besides a little itty bitty baby is one thing but how many of us have shared horror stories where we see little kids scared shitless over some bloodbath of a movie?
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    I think no children should EVER be allowed in a PG13 or R in the first place, let alone not allowing them based on the TIME of day. There are some things in those movies that can be detrimental to children IMO.
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    I dont think it is for the child's sake, but more for the sake of the adults watching those movies.
    I personally hate it when I have to HEAR little kids at the late show, in a movie they should not even be seeing. They ruin it by blabbing, or they are screaming at the "scary" parts.
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    IMO the fact that the theater has to make these regulations is sad. Parents should know better
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    I see no problem with it. I also agree that no little ones should ever be allowed in those PG13 or R rated movies....

    I understand that not everyone can afford a sitter, however, when I go to a movie, especially in the evening, I do not want to hear a bunch of little ones squealing and screaming because their parents just had to see the movie etc.
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    Yes, I absolutely agree with this. It's their establishment and they can limit people if they feel there will be disruptions. In my experience, nothing good comes from having young children at late night movies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~*~Sarah*J~*~ View Post
    IMO the fact that the theater has to make these regulations is sad. Parents should know better
    I agree. They shouldn't have to tell parents that.
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    Absolutely agree with it.
    Needs work.
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