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Thread: Obesity

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    The thread on the who should make the team got me thinking....

    Do you think this is truely to blame on kid obesity? Do you think parents are just passing the blame to the schools or activities?
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    I think it would help a "little" to get kids more active. A lot of kids don't do sports because they don't want the rejection. So there is a little truth in it IMO. Not to mention, PE classes are slacking these days. BUT, parents play the largest role. I do think it is an easy pass off of blame. Parents are of course "never" the problem.
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    personally i think everyone is to blame. not just the parents. for example i am obese for the most part my kids are normal with my oldest being rail thin. i feed them correctly and they exersize not just at school but at home as well.

    if i had to pin point where my obesity came from i could .

    for most kids i think their genes play a role in what their weight is like

    also thefoods they expose their children to as well as the nutrition available in schools for the kids as well.

    i personally know that in 2 of my kids have snack machines and snack lines available to them at school which feature chips sodas , cookies, candies and cakes. there are also pizza and french fries and a lot of other things offered at lunch that are not good for them.

    so i say the blame is on the parent when they are at home and on the school when they are at school. i do not send extra money for snacks and pay the cafeteria for them to eat healthy lunches and they even have a block on their account for unhealthy items, and i still know that they get the junk or trade for junk with their friends.
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    no, i think good nutrition begins at home.

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    Good habits start at home-nutrition, exercise, etc. I know if Liam doesn't get any exercise at school at all he will still get plenty at home, and if they feed him crap I will pack his lunch.

    The schools have slacked on nutrition in favor of revenue from snack machines and franchise food places, but if you teach your kids good habits and don't feed them that stuff at home, the chances they are going to eat it regularly are slim, IMO.
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    I think its both places... also they should stop offering Fatty snack food...
    and those Soda vending machines.
    Also for them to provide good tasting healthy food... when I was in school I used to hate even walking into the cafeteria... it smelt terrible and I would get sick to my stomach...
    after that alot of kids started going to the snack bar... and in high school it got worse... they would go to the fast food places near by and buy all this yunk.
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    I think the schools do have a part in it, but it is ALWAYS the parents' job to pick up where the schools leave off. You can't just send your kid to school and expect them to be educated about everything. You have to teach them to make good nutrition choices (and not get mad when they screw up because they all do at some point) and also have to set a good example for them. It kills me that schools are starting to cut PE classes due to funding issues - I know that you don't need to know how to play basketball to make it in life, but kids DO need exercise. If they can't pay someone to teach a PE class, I'm sure that there are many teachers who would lead active games at an extended recess. I remember so many of my teachers in grade school playing with us (and supervising at the same time). However, the blame is not all on the schools, and parents need to step up and realize that THEY are part of the problem too. And so is that damn McDonald's with their tasty french fries and may be time for a pregnancy craving run...
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    speaking ONLY on whether or not not letting ALL kids play on teams (rather than trying out) I do NOT think that is to blame at all.

    There is NO rule saying that just because you didn't make the team means you can't play with friends (not on the team) outside of school... or with family.. or whatever. Being on a sports team or not is NOT the be all end all of childhood activity. I think blaming childhood obesity on not making the team is just a scapegoat for a much bigger problem...

    ... which brings me to speaking on a broader subject. I think parents AND school are to blame for childhood obesity. parents aren't playing enough with their kids... or not making sure their kids play enough with friends, other family, a big brother/sister from that program... etc etc. parents aren't making sure children get a balanced diet of the right amount of calories of "good" food and not "bad" food. schools are taking away gym class and even recess. schools aren't doing their best to provide healthy balanced lunches. parents aren't making sure kids get a lunch from home if the school is dropping the ball on hot lunch. too many parents allow too much tv and video games and not enough outside time.

    when it comes down to it, NOT making the team will NOT make you obese. it is everything ELSE that will.
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    What is the point of sports if not rejection? If everyone plays.... there is a loss of exclusivity. It is mean to say for sure. But that is what sports are all about.

    Obesity is a lot of problems coming out at once. It is parents' fault, kids' fault, society and television. I swam on a team from 5-19 and did it competitively and never had a weight problem, once I stopped swimming so much I had to re-learn how to eat properly.
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    Obesity percentages have risen over the last few years. As our technology advances so does the rate of obseity in children expecially.

    When I was a kid our only option was to play outside or play indoors. We didnt have video games. We didnt have computers. And we didnt have vcr's until I was a little older. Nor did we have cable with hundreds of channels etc

    That being said. There are many things that CAN be linked to obesity. Some of it, in some people is medical. And not alot they can do about it. PCOS is a prime example. It makes weight gain easy and weight losing hard due to the way the body process's food.

    The key is to make sure healthy eating habits are started young. This includes portion sizes, healthy foods, activity levels and the like. If it isnt medical then this will help. The thing is that fatty food is cheap. And with the economy the way it is, it is easier for parents to buy the crappy food instead of the healthy food. Also we as a nation are busier so it is easier to buy the fast processed foods

    Should their be rejection in sports? Yes unfortuantly. But only to an extent. When sports are started young there is no rejection. Everyone plays. As you get older they focus more on competiveness and winning. And if an overweight child can play just as good then yeah they should be on the team. If not then no. They shouldnt. However I have seen more and more trying to get into sports and I think that is great. Just the other day I saw a young girl who was overweight iceskating. She was VERY good and could even do the jumps and turns. I was VERY impressed. Not only was she trying to better herself but doing an active activity that she was good at.

    EVeryoine should be given the chance to try out or play tho. No matter what the circumstances....
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