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Thread: A type of spin off

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    A type of spin off

    Ok so we have had the "Should a girlfriend/fiance call herself wife" debates. I have another for you.

    On a message board or in "real" life, do you feel it is misleading and deceiving for someone to use their boyfriend's last name in their username?
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    No I don't care really LOL what ever floats their boat.
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    I wouldn't ever really know who's last name it was ... so it matters not to me.
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    I don't pay that close attention.
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    I personally wouldn't do it, but to answer the question, it would raise a momentary eyebrow, but all in all it doesn't really affect me KWIM??
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    its a little weird if you ask me but whatever floats your boat

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    I don't really care...they can do what they want. Is it confusing? Yes. Deceiving? I just feel that is too strong of a word. I wouldn't do it though.
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    Since I use Tony's last name in my username I will answer this. It probably only confusing or decieving to people who are trying to dig deep for stuff to bother them. Why should anyone care what anyone else uses as their username? How exactly is it effecting you? Yep I use his last name on this board. Shoot me.
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    i wouldn't use mine or his, unless it was a personal email address. idk, i'm not paranoid but i just don't think it's wise.

    besides, he would kill me if i put mrs_habeeb as my email address, married or not.

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    I think it's a bit premature. As a username, I don't care. But if I met someone in real life who did that? I'd think she was LOOPED!!

    I share a Safeway card with an ex (too many frequent flier miles to mess with the account). When we were dating AND now, they try to call me Mrs. X. I have ALWAYS corrected them. I am me, thank you!
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