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Thread: Going Green

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    Going Green

    In one of the threads were were talking about how we are a consumer driven nation and use most of the worlds resources . I was wondering what you do to make yourself accountable as a world citizen? Or do you ?

    Do you think about the future that we leave our children or live for the moment as was suggested in the other thread ?

    My husband and I talked about this and he is getting a bike to travel to work. We already walk if things are in walking distance . We recycle , I cut out the plastic water bottles and have reusuable ones . I use compact bulbs , and we are thinking of getting a non gas mower . Our last place had a huge lawn that made that impossible ...our car is also a small car though I miss my maual ford escort it got 40 miles per gallon but had to leave it behind ...sigh ...

    I am sure there are more things to go green with without having to have upper income salary ...
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    I worry about the world we are leaving behind for our children and future generations.
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    Eh, we do what we can, but we aren't superheroes. We use vinegar to clean counters and stuff. We recycle. We have a Brita filter that we refill bottles of water with instead of buying cases of bottled water. Etc.

    Oh, and we really really really want one of these: Ventura One to offset the fact that he drives an F150 and I drive a Wrangler.

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