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Thread: Domestic violence,the military,and the media

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    Domestic violence,the military,and the media

    Do you think that the media blows DV in the military out of proportion? I remember chatting with an older lady about the whole war (i was doing more listening, as i try not to get too political with strangers) and she said something that really kinda made me mad. She said..yea...and i hear the men are coming back and beating their wives It almost sounded like she was using that as her argument to bring the troops home.

    Now i know it happens,and i know the military doesn't have the market on DV. However, don't you think if a a man comes home and starts beating his wife, that he most likely did it before he left, or he had violent tendencies to begin with?
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    I think the media is talking about the few cases of men who snap when they come back. Mostly because the military doesn't do a good enough job of taking care of the mental health of soldiers.

    The military only cares if a man or woman can perform their duty.

    I think Domestic Violence cases are scattered everywhere, but there has been a link to Domestic Violence and alcohol abuse. I believe there has been an increase on Indian Reservations as well.

    You do get some idiots in the Military who don't respect their wives, but you get that in all aspects of life.
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    I think they're covering PTSD in general and the effects of that... I haven't heard any huge emphasis on domestic violence in the media.
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    I so loath the media sometimes. They just over pick something and just make it worse. They are very one sided and run with a story.

    If they look at the military and say..oh every one that is coming back is a wife beater. To me that is so sterotypical bull poo that I could reach in a slap them.

    Domestic violence happens all the time, everywhere. We should be focusing on STOPPING it then doing a 50 part pannel that does NOTHING on it.

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