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Thread: Girls who hang out with Guys

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    Girls who hang out with Guys

    Do you get along better with men or with women?

    Be nice ladies!
  2. who will drive my soul?
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    Actually, both for me. I have had some ridiculous girls in my life (who no longer are) who literally THRIVED on drama being in their lives. In those times, I absolutely got along with guys better. But now I have awesome people in my life who do NOT live for drama, so I love my girlfriends and surround myself with them. I still love my guy friends, though. They are so chill and offer a great different perspective on life.
  3. My Life is My Own Again! YAY!!
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    My Life is My Own Again! YAY!!
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    I'm thrilled with all of my friendships. I have one male BFF (my ex) and one female BFF and I get to feel and do different things when with each of them...

    I used to say men, but I've found cool women lately. I tend to be sexual, crass, and silly when hanging out and I'm stoked to have found women who can hang with that!
  4. Nobody's Like Me Im My Competition
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    I have more guy friends than female friends...I honestly only associate with only like 5 females an 2 of them are relatives....Too many females friends lead to drama at some point an time...Jealousy an Betrayal are bound to creep up when u least expect it...
    Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
    Robert Frost

    Never let your situation determine your destination..
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    I work better with men, but I socialize better with females.
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    I get along better with guys.
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    I hung out with mostly guys growing up but it wasn't on purpose. I was mostly friends with kids from church and we had way more guys my age then girls. Plus, all of our family friends had semi-large families and they were all guys. Heck, I have three brothers so my family didn't do much to add to the female population.

    I was close friends with them and loved it. I think some girls seek out guys because they like the attention but others can just naturally kick it with the boys. As an adult I have a mixed group of friends and I prefer it that way. Having strong friendships with girls and guys has many benefits.
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    Men. The women I know get to catty. There are a few that I like but mostly I like being one of the guys. I am more interested in paint ball, poker, and blowing things up than shopping and getting my hair or nails done.
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    I grew up as a tom boy, so for the longest time I got along better with guys, and to some point I still do. I do have my few close girlfriends that I have had for years and years. but I am realizing that I need to adapt to making new friends since I will be leaving my friends behind
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