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Thread: Mexico shows displeasure with border plan

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    You are right, that was a blanket statement and I should have specified, perhaps not ALL but a large majority of Americans are. And I did not mean to say Americans are stupid, but a large part are just simply ignorant. 'What you don't know can't hurt you' and 'why think for ourselves when we elect these people to think for us' are things that come to mind. Many people are just happy in their little daily lives, and don't want to 'stir the pot'. They want it easy and don't want to have to think about how the system around them works all that much. I cannot take the statement away because unfortunately that is just how I feel. Americans to me in a large majority are simply followers, and tend to just go with the flow. Easily swayed and become outraged when a group of people disagree with the government and are quick to call them unAmerican because they see these people as a possibilty for their lives to be disrupted.
    As for the bill saying employers are going to be required the legality of their workers. They are 'supposed' to be doing that now! Its already illegal for employers to hire someone that is not legal. This is basically just 'reminding' them that they are supposed to check. But nothing about actual enforcement. Its like telling a kid they can't have that cookie in the jar, but you leave them in the kitchen and don't come back to check and make sure they didn't take one. Then later you just 'remind' them they shouldn't take a cookie, but that is all. Eventually they will figure out that you are never going to check up on them or count the cookies in the jar and just keep taking cookies because they know they can and that they won't get punished, and if they caught, punishment won't be so bad and they'll still be able to do it again. Happens all the time, warehouses and factories get raided constantly and illegal workers are sent back to Mexico. The owner may be fined, however that does not deter him from turning around the next day and hiring a whole new batch or illegal workers, why? Because he knows the feds won't be back for another long while to raid him again and he'll be able to make up that fine he paid with the profits he'll make from paying these people poverty wages. The enforcement of these laws is just not there. And putting up a bigger wall and putting some extra security at the borders is not going to stop that.
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    I still think that the wall is a great start and my mind will not change. And my dh works closely with the border patrol so maybe that is part of my reasoning.
    But I also agree with Rach
    Maybe we should just stop allowing any one in this country period, then they would know that any who do get here are illegal and can ship them back!
    Before I moved here and saw some of the things that I have I may have said maybe there is something else to do but right now SOMETHING has to be done period!
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