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Thread: S/O of Wife Swap

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    S/O of Wife Swap

    Are there jobs that you would not let your children do, or that you think arent good ones?

    *I just want my DS to be happy doing something...DH and I never really talk about things like that.
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    Long as the kids are happy and what they are doing is legal, i won't complain.
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    Yeah. She must avoid a pole. At all costs.

    I'd like to see her meet her potential, but I don't know what that is just yet. I don't have any "grand plans" for my kids.
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    i only have sons right now....but are we talking as they are adults?? Look, once my kid is old enought to leave my nest and go to school and dhave a job, he can do whatever makes him money LEGALLY. If he wants to bag groceries, idon't care. if he wants to pump gas, i don't care. as long as he can support himself LEGALLY and his family, i don't care. He will be an adult and it will be time for him to make decisions.
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    If we're talking over the age of 18, then I can't legally stop them from doing anything. They can do whatever they like but if they don't go to college first, I won't support them at all financially.
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    i am of the school of thought that your job should make you happy, you should NOT hate or dread going to work everyday.
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    As long as it is legal and morally okay. There are things I wouldn't be happy about and wouldn't support, but if they are adults I can't do much about it.
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    My mom was a stripper for 22 years, and a good one. She made bank and loved her job.

    That being said, if I have a little girl, and she later decides to be a stripper, or Liam a drag queen or whatever, I don't care. Just be the best at what you do, and do what you love.
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    if they love what they're doing, then i'll be happy... when they're adults.

    someday, if i have a 19 year old daughter wants to be an exotic dancer to help pay her way through college, i won't want to think about it but i won't get upset. however, if i have a 16 year old daughter who gets a fake id and starts dancing... heads will roll.

    i'd really like them to get a job that they can be comfortable doing for the rest of their lives, that will give them an opportunity to have benefits and retirement.
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    As long as they're over 18, they can do what they want. I hope they choose something legal and something that fulfills their potential as well as makes them happy. But they have to choose for themselves, I'm not going to pick their career paths for them.

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