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Thread: ear piercings, tattoos, perfume, makeup and boob jobs

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    ear piercings, tattoos, perfume, makeup and boob jobs

    All the things that parents ok their children to do at a variety of ages.

    Some don't feel ok with certain ones - but are fine with others.
    Some are ok with none, some ok with all.
    Some have age limits, others don't.

    What are you views on any of these appearance alterations/enhancements. How far is too far for your children?

    Someone posted in the vent section about an infant getting her ears pierced at just 3 months old or so - which I feel is actually child abuse and horrific. Others, though, have no problems with that at all.
    In such a case - I feel that enhancing one's appearance via some sort of painful experience is just wrong...And that's jsut me and my motherly ways talking, really.

    However- I feel that all of these things (and more) that are to enhance appearance are - now - considered "cute" or "girly" when, really, their true purpose is to enhance attraction of the opposite sex. And that can invite pedophiles, freaks and the *wrong* attention, KWIM...and that wrong attention is NOT what I want my children going after or getting.

    Example: boob jobs - very few women actually *need* a boob job. Most who get their breasts enchanced do so to make theirselves more sexually appealing.
    Thus - I would never EVER ok any of my kids such an enhancement - I don't want them whoring around or feeling it's ok to flaunt theirselves when they're still in highschool.

    And, really, that "making yourself more sexually appealing" view applies to all these things: piercings, tattoos, sexy clothes, jewelry, makeup, boob jobs, etc etc etc - all these things are for *attention* in that *area* ... which I want none of for my kids until they're out of my house.
    They aren't for sale and I'm not a pimp!

    Now - I know others won't agree with me fully on that. but at least most of you will see my point.
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    I think if a person is 18, they can do whatever they want as long as it's not illegal, immoral or fattening.
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    ear piercing--when she's old enough to want it (if that's at 6 or at 4 but they will be taken care of properly and she has to understand what it entails to take care of them)

    make up--some lip gloss at like 12 or 13 and other makeup at maybe 15 or 16.

    perfume--at 12 or 13

    tattoos and cosmetic surgery when she's 18
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    My girls don't have their ears pierced. I wouldn't call it child abuse but it's just not something me and DH wanted to do to our kids. They will be allowed to have their ears pierced when they come home and ask for it and we feel they are old enough to take care of keeping it clean themselves.

    Make up - big N-O in my house. I just see make up as a "grown up" thing and I don't want her thinking she has to wear it. I don't wear make up and if I do it's just eyeshadow and lip gloss. I don't want her to think she needs to cake it on to be look beautiful.

    Perfume. Eh, Im not sure how I feel about this one. I don't wear it, just body sprays that aren't very strong and occasionally I was give her 1 small spray.

    Tattoos- Ok I admit Im a bit of crazy lady when it comes to this one. My mom signed for me to get my 1st tattoo at 16. But her stipulation was it had to be "mom approved". i couldn't go get something crazy that I'd hate in 6 months. After months of taking ideas to her & getting denied she finally agreed to let me get my daughters name on my arm. I will do the same with my kids. Im ok with signing for it, but it better be a damn good tattoo idea for it to get my approval

    Edit because I forgot plastic surgery- HELL NO
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    my tattoos are for me. my nose and eyebrow peircings were for me. the boob job i want has more to do with how i feel about myself than giving a shit what other people think. as far as my kids go, once they are 18 is none of my business what they do to a point. i think some of the things the OP said were a bit small minded, but that it their opinion, and this is mine. they dont have to mesh

    Wife to Jay, Momma to
    (17) Thomas (13) Jake (9)
    Aidan (4)

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    Ear piercings- When they can tell me they want it done it will be done
    Other piercings- If researched we'll think about it, my Dad let me get my navel done at 15 after reading up on it an agreeing to take it out at first sign of infection
    Tattoos and surgery- once they are 18 and I will not pay for it
    make-up- lipgloss around 11 or 12 and full make up high school maybe
    perfume- middle/high school... I just remember gym PE class, lol

    I don't see ear piercings and any of these things as child abuse any more than I see circumcision as child abuse. I see it as a parental choice.
  7. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    Heavens - when was I born, again, 1880?
    I swear it was 1980 - but 1880 it must be .... abosolute filter. Not even a filter - I'm more like a candle snuffer. LOL I'm such a prude it seems.

    I'll never allow any of my kids any of these things. Not in my house - not on my dime. LOL

    Not even bikinis - but I'll fork out a pretty penny for a nicely crafted chastity belt. Yep.
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    I don't view perfume, makeup, jewelry or ear piercings as something to make kids more "sexually appealing". Confidence maybe? Feeling good about themselves? Fitting in? Many, many reasons for kids to do those things but not for sex appeal (not in my eyes at least).

    I do not have kids, but here goes:

    Ear piercings at 3 mos old, why not? My mother took me at that age and while I probably wasn't a happy child at the time, it's not something that I remember or that scarred me in any way for life.

    Piercings (other than ears), tattoos, any cosmetic surgery- THESE are things I would absolutely NOT allow in my home before they turned 18. I would never sign off on any of those. Once they become of legal age, they can make their own decisions. At least they won't look back and resent me for "letting them make a mistake".

    Makeup and perfume- I started wearing makeup and perfume (or body splash stuff) in middle school, which is a reasonable age to me. It was nothing over the top. Just to even out my skin (acne) and maybe some lipgloss. Throughout high school I wore a little more but it was never for sex appeal.
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    ear piercing--I had Savannah's does as an infant and I will do the same with any future girls I may have.

    make up--some lip gloss at like 12 or 13 and other makeup at maybe 15 or 16. (agree)

    perfume--at 12 or 13 (agree)

    tattoos and cosmetic surgery when she's 18 (i agree, once they reach that age, I cant stop them)
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    Ear piercings- If i have a girl i will do it as soon as shes able to have it done. Any other peircings such as naval, eyebrow, w/e, when she is 18 bc i'm PRETTY sure her daddy would say HE** NO. I dont believe it's abusive at all.

    Perfume/body spray- 11? I guess- i really dont know, i guess it would depend on her maturity.

    Makeup- around 16 I suppose.

    Comestic surgery like a boob job- def 18.

    Tattoos- 18

    As for other people getting one- i dont see it as "whoring" themselves around. Most of the people who I know who have gotten one got it bc they wanted it, not for sexual reasons as far as I know. I'd totally get one if I wasnt a wuss
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