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Thread: Controversial "Pillow Angel"

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    would she ever have hit puberty naturally of would her condition stop her from maturing
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    i was referring to this thread, , which is about the girl whose family decided to stunt her growth & remove her reproductive organs & breast buds
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    Im torn on this one. On one hand the poor girl has no say what so ever in these operations, on the other, the ease of her care as she ages makes it more likely that she will remain with her family longer. Im not sure if shes in an institution now though, cause this story is sort of old now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SPCrichey'sgirl View Post
    I heard about that and I still dont understand how doing that is supposed to help her. I think its stupid..... I just think they just dont want to have to deal with her growing up and taking care of her when she is at that time
    I agree. I dont understand the purpose of it at all.
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