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Thread: Be a stripper or join the military

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshyne View Post
    I would have to say military for me.....people would pay me to keep my clothes on in a strip club
    haha! me too!!!
    btw, i would not support my daughter or son stripping.
    i would rather them work at a fast food place than strip. JMO.
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    I'd probably say a stripper... Because that is all an illusion... you dont have to do anything with the guys you just dance around naked and make them think you want them... never would I sell sex for money. But then again I have thought about joining the military so... its tough to say
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjschaef View Post
    Let's see......basic training and getting shot at or showing off the goods for wads of cash......I'd strip in a heartbeat......of course, it helps that I am a sexy manbeast
    this made em laugh....really hard lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by wife-n-mommy View Post
    I wouldn't do either, because I could not do either. I could not be a stripper because just mentally I could not do that. I could not join the military because I would not be able to make it through basic.
    I guess I would live on the street... or work at McDonald's
    Ditto. There are loads of other things to do, don't think I will ever be in a position of stripping or military with no other options. No thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked View Post
    Ooooh, I don't know! Somehow I doubt I would be able to make much money as a stripper at my weight, and I also don't think the military would take me with all the junk in my trunk.
    I'm right behind ya there..I was thinking the exact same thing about myself..
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    I would NEVER make it in the Military. I become an emotional wreck when I can't be around my children, plus I can't even do a "proper" push up! haha...

    As for becoming a stripper, I did it for about a whole 2 weeks, until my older brother, that I hadn't seen in like 4 years walked into the club!!! Ahhh talk about embarrassment!!! Who would of thought he would of been coming back to Michigan as soon as I started Dancing.... haha... Ewww So yeah I would have to do a state wide check to make sure no family would be in that state for me to go back!!! lol

    And there is no way in hell that I would ever become a prostitute!

    My ass would be bumming my way looking for grants and what not so I could go to school, get my education and then work Night shifts at McDonalds...

    AS for my children, I can't knock them... If dancing is what they want to do then let them I will just try my hardest to encourage them to get an education and only dance on the side....

    As for the people who say its disrespectful, I take it you havent actually known any "strippers" or "dancers" because the majority of them in there dancing are trying to support there children and also pay for them to go to school so that they can get an education.
    Mrs. Villanueva
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    Quote Originally Posted by flangl18 View Post
    I would join the military. I served 4 yrs AD/6 reserves and it was a great tool for growing up, not to mention security, good benefits and hard work. If my daughter wants to join, I am all for it. If she wanted to be a stripper, I would disown her. Sorry, but that is not the life I would want for my daughter and there is no way in heck she should be viewed like that by other people. That is my opinion.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by His lil' lovecup View Post
    I agree 100% with what you said...I have been dancing for 11 years now and I hate that we always get stereotyped..there are still some classy ladies that do this job. And we go home to our husbands and never think twice about it. For me personally...I don't like being called a STRIPPER I prefer the term Exotic Entertainer. And that's because I think those terms are completely different. In my experience, a stripper would be one of those women that go home with the customers, do (extra special) things for money, and act like plain old trailer trash. And present themselves in that way as well. I have never done anything of the sort and I would never even think about it. Because I do have ALOT of self respect and morals that I like to hold myself up to. Now this in no way is trying to start a debate with any of you..I'm glad that most of you don't mind the profession that we chose. I am just making my valid point known. And you would never know I do it if you just saw me walking down the street because I just don't put out that vibe. And anybody you ask will say I am the sweetest person in the world and they wouldn't even guess that's what my night lifestyle is. I chose this profession because it has ALOT of pros. I even met my husband in a club where I was working. He was a customer! So in general I guess I just needed to make that known. Anyways,

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryanna View Post
    whereas stripping, so i dance for a few hours mostly nude (there are places that dont do completely nude!!!) and get a bunch of cash for it. how is that bad? no drugs, no sex, no touching! just some dancin and some moolah its all good for me

    i would never be a prostitute. except for my husband.. but that is a completely different subject...
    in ohio it's illegal for clubs to be completely nude now, but even before that law i wouldn't work at fully nude clubs... i just don't feel comfortable showing all the goods, i'd like to keep my lady bits covered, even if it IS just by a thong, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by LizzyLovinB View Post
    I love ur reply. I totally respect ur decisions and I dont look down on dancers. I actually was thinking of doing it, because I'm in the situation where I have no job and I'm going to school. I need some cash! I am just kinda nervous about starting it all. I think I have enough junk in the trunk lol I dont think I could handle the military. As far as my daughter goes, I would encourage her to persue her education, if she choose to strip to get by while attending college, then I would support her. I'd support any decision she'd make, and hope they are the best ones for her.
    lol that's the worst part. seriously.
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    military...a.) i don't have the figure to be a stripper
    b.) if i did have the figure once that goes to hell with saggy boobies and everything.....i don't have anything to fall back on and i don't think the real workforce will be too impressed by exotic dancer on my resume

    Everyday you spend worrying about miss living for today...
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    That's tough...I guess I would be a stripper because eventually being in the military would break me down to nothing. I'm strong. But not that strong. No way to prostitution.
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