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Thread: Are we getting dumber?

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    Are we getting dumber?

    I've had the chance to chat with my 12 year old niece online a lot lately, and I hate to say it, but I'm a little freaked out by our education system.

    Let me say first that this kid is SMART. Unbelievably so. But I can barely understand her when we chat. Ever see that cell phone commercial where the little girl is talking to her Mom in text-speak? That's how I feel chatting with her. It makes me feel old and out of the loop, and I'm only 29. Okay, I'll be 30 in a couple of months, but still. I have to open another window so I can look up her abbreviations or I don't have a freakin' clue.

    And the words that aren't abreviated aren't spelled right. wat da hell iz rong wit dat?? Gee, I don't know.

    I see it all over the internet, sometimes on this board, on others too. And this goes way beyond typos or casual slang. I make typos, and I'm a fan of slang! I wrote freakin' instead of freaking. I am guilty of typing b/c instead of because.

    But on the internet, posters write long entries that are all one paragraph. Half the words aren't spelled right, there's no punctuation whatsoever, no capital letters, it's incredibly hard to read. I'm the world's worst speller, so in almost every thread I write, I have to use to spell check a word. Case in point, for this thread I had to look up "abbreviation". Today I learned it has 2 b's. I had no idea.

    Back to my niece. Her school loans her a laptop for the school year. She gets to have it the whole time she's in middle school, minus the summers. She's online a lot, a lot of her communication comes in the form of online chat. How can this not affect her ability to type "normally"?? What happens when she goes to write a book report? Should she just depend on her spell checker?

    So are our school's failing us? Are we just lazy? Or is it something else?
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    I've noticed that too....what really annoys me is when PEOPLE TALK LiKE THiS. FOR SOME REASON, THEY DON'T CAPiTALiZE THE "i"... But, it does scare me to think what teachers are going to consider appropriate writing in the near future!!
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    Yeah I'm afraid we are headed the way of the movie Idiocracy.
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    it's not so much education as it is convenience and making your sentences look "cool". My sister is 14 and i asked her about that stuff and she said it is just easier to type wat zup? she said that is how she would say it to her friend and it is cooler that way. I told her illiteracy is not cool.
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    My 15 year old son just use a few of the abreviations online as he has taught himself to speedtype anyway. They all use abreviations but my son and a few of his friends still got A* in their last English test . So I`m not worried . But he has told me that there are quite a few who forgets the real spelling of words when they have to write essays. He has a great teacher though who corrects even the tiniest mistake .
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    I think its both. Also parents should be enforcing proper spelling and grammar at home as well.

    I think a lot of it is society letting people get away with it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryants911 View Post
    I've noticed that too....what really annoys me is when PEOPLE TALK LiKE THiS. FOR SOME REASON, THEY DON'T CAPiTALiZE THE "i"... But, it does scare me to think what teachers are going to consider appropriate writing in the near future!!
    HA! I do that when I make icons & stuff like that. Its because a capital 'i' in most fonts looks like a lowercase 'L' & its to not confuse.

    Also, the 'waz up wit dat' stuff is just a phase! They'll grow out f it! I never got into it when I was that age- I thought it looked stupid & made the person doing it look like an idiot! But that was just me! I got teased by friends in middle school when I didnt type like that or didn't spell that way in notes. It'll go away though! For most, it goes away when they get into 9th or 10th grade because they get into that phase of trying to act older & more mature (which lasts until they actually reach that older & more mature state).
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    yes i believe we are. the schools are teaching to the state tests and that's it. my MIL has said flat out that once the TAKS (texas assessment of knowledge and skills) is over with she doesn't bother because there's no point. it is true that our school systems are sooooo far behind other developed countries
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    I believe it's half the school system and half the parents.

    Our education system needs a serious overhaul!!! But then again so do the way some people parent their children. When I was growing up it wasn't assumed that the teachers would teach children EVERY little thing they need to now. Parents started to teach their children to read and write BEFORE they went to kindergarten. Parents taught their children how to act and how to speak properly. From a teacher's point of view, it's hard to teach children all those things when the parents don't support it at home!!
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    I think as long as schools don't promote the use of slang and improper spelling (and I personally do not know of any that do) it will be fine. I grew up speaking a very stylized form of pig-Latin with my friends, but knew when it was appropriate and when it wasn't. As long as children (and adults alike) know that there is a time and place when slang is acceptable and other than that they should be using proper English, there is not much to worry about. Our 8th grade teachers rarely have complaints about the grammar and spelling our kids use, other than the typical 'I wish they would use a dictionary to look up words they aren't sure how to spell' or 'why can't the figure out how to use a semi-colon'. I think it is a phase they will grow out of as they become older and move into the 'real world'.

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