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Thread: Bi-lingual Manner Question

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    Question Bi-lingual Manner Question

    I have a question for those of you who are bilingual.
    Do you speak in(whatever language you speak other than English) in front of those who do not speak the same language?
    I spoke Finnish first, then had a Spanish babysitter. My mother taught us as were became older that it is rude to speak in Finnish in front of those who do not understand it.
    What is your take on it? Do you find it rude when people speak in another language??
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    I don't care honestly.
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    yea, I was always taught the same thing that its rude to speak a different language when someone in the room doesn't speak it just good manners

    eta: but I am guilty of it too hehe, honestly i find it cool to listen to other languages
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    If I'm having a conversation with someone who I want to speak Spanish to, I really don't care who around me doesn't understand it. Its an A-B conversation, so they can C their way out of it; so basically, its none of their business what I'm talking about. Just like I wouldn't expect someone to eavesdrop on my conversation if I was speaking English, its rude for other people to try and listen to what I'm saying no matter what language, unless I'm talking to them directly they should mind their business and not worry about what language I'm speaking.
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    Living in Italy this comes up a lot.. I am not fluent in italian yet, I am still learning. When I worked at CDC one of the teachers was Italian and when she would start talking italian, I would always ask her what she was saying just so I could learn more.

    Even when I become fluent in Italian I think I will still speak primarily in English just because that is what I am used to. I guess it will also depend on who I am with.
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    I usually speak in German with our landlord and if my husband doesn't understand I always translate for him. Luckily, my husband studied German in high school + his grandpa is of American - German origin so he understands and speaks a little bit of German.

    For me it's easier to communicate to our landlord in German. I love the German language and it's a practice opportunity for me. It's so funny, our landlord insists to communicate with us in English so he can practice his English. I insist to communicate with him in German so I can practice my German. Sometimes we end up speaking both - I speak in German, he answers in English

    At work, I have some Spanish friends and I learn Spanish from them. It's fun And if they speak in Spanish while in the classroom I pretty much pick up words and sentences from them. Last conversation was about plastic surgery and boobies
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    I think it depends on the circumstances. If you don't know the other people, aren't associated with them, then no, I don't think it's rude. But say you are coworkers all having lunch in the breakroom at the same table and some of you speak a different language, and some of you don't. I would consider it rude to speak a different language in front of your coworkers in that situation.
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    I encountered this when I was in college. I was in a class of 5 people. three being spanish speaking as their main language...My teacher would not allow them to comminucate using spanish because she felt it was rude for the rest of us who didnt understand them. Only cause she didnt want them talking bad about her or me and the other student...

    I think it depends on the situation...
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    For me it really doesnt matter, I grew up around my mom and her friends speaking tagalog. As I got older though, I only spoke it around my mom and her friends. I never did around my friends or people I didnt know.
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    I do but I translate, my parents only speak Spanish and my hubby only speaks English, so I listen to Spanish first and then translate for hubby. I do find it rude!
    I feel bad when hubby or my parents don't understand what we are talking about.
    It would be nice to have them to be part of the conversation.
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