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View Poll Results: Do you enjoy moving so much with your husband and/or children b/c of the military?

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  • Yes, I don't mind it... it opens up my/family's eyes to new things.

    8 36.36%
  • No, I don't like it. It's very frustrating for me/family.

    4 18.18%
  • I'm torn... some days I like it some days I don't.

    8 36.36%
  • Other, explain

    2 9.09%
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Thread: Poll: S/O Moving with Children

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    Poll: S/O Moving with Children

    -What affects does moving so much in the military have on your children?
    -What affects does it have on you? Pros/cons?
    -Do you find it hard to be away from your parents/their grandparents as you're raising them?
    -How many times have you moved SPECIFICALLY because of the military?
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    i put i'm torn....i don't mind it because i'm used to moving...But DD doesn't do well in travel..she gets very irritable so that would be the reason i'm torn..

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    As a child of a military family, moving on me was more an inconvenience. I had to leave my friends make new ones, learn a new school system. all that jazz. However it didn't affect me negatively mainly because I spun it positively. I don't feel uncomfortable in new situations like some do. I don't have a real hard time making or trying to make friends. I am able to adapt quickly to any new area/situation i am in. the big cons were missing friends, and new schools.

    As a parent it's different for me it is much more stressful. I have to stop and consider if where we will be living is child safe, schools up to snuff, is the house going to fit our family. things like that. The cons are as the kids get older explaining moving gets harder. our pre-teen is already upset because we will leave here when she is at the end of her 7th grade. she wants to stay just one more year to finish off 8th grade with her friends. The younger they are the easier they can adapt to the move and displacement. Once you hit a certain age it does become harder. The Pros while it sucks now it will help her as she gets older if they wants to move out on their own they may not feel as apprehensive about it as some might.

    I have moved 9 or 10 times because of the military.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    I don't mind it!!! I'm sure once Ethan becomes of high school age, my feelings may change.
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    Other...we haven't moved, lol.
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    My dad was a Marine and thats just what we did. It did not bother me at all. I enjoyed going to new places and meeting new people. The worst part for me was having to leave friends I had in school. But that was more when I was in Jr hight. When I got to high school my dad retired and I got to stay all 4 years of high school in the same place. I think my children are handeling it like I did. The adjust very well when we move. I have one rule. If DH leaves during the school year I stay and wait until the school year is up and then join him.
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    I think young kids are pretty resilient when it comes to change. While it is important to have some consistency, it's also just as important to introduce change. Notice I said "YOUNG" kids. I think the older a child gets, the higher the possibility of resentment towards the parents for making them leave their friends/school/comfort zone, etc. I was worried about DD with our move, but it didn't really even phase her. She just wanted the movers to bring her toys back

    As for me...moving doesn't bug me all that much, it's just really a pita. DH and I have moved 4 times now together and it's just an inconvenience. Moving sucks.
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    I'm not apart of this, but I would love it as long as we didn't have children, I love to travel and would love seeing new places. I think it would be harder to do that if we had kids though. I'd rather give them a strong foundation in one place to grow up in before we moved all over the place with them.
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    Yes, I don't mind it... it opens up my/family's eyes to new things.

    For now

    We haven't actually "moved" since dd#1 was about 8 months old, so it was pretty easy for us. But now with all 4 girls and they are older, I'm not so sure how they would do. This base and town is all they have known for 8 years and 3 of them where born here.

    We may have to move here in the near future, so I guess it is a wait and see for us
  10. Lacie
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    I'm torn... some days I like it some days I don't.
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