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Thread: 5 Secrets to Keep From Him

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    5 Secrets to Keep From Him

    Cosmo ran an article in their March issue outlining the five things you should keep from your man according to "top relationship experts" becuase they could potentially hurt your bond. I've included a small summary of their reasoning as to why you should keep it to yourself, but if anyone wants the full article I can type it up. Just ask.

    1. Past Hookups
    Why? He wants to know he's the best you've ever been with.

    2. How you spend your moola (as long as you don't share your funds)
    Why? It can stress him to know that you're spending money on things he deems unneccessary.

    3. The way you feel about his family
    Why? He'll feel like he needs to take sides.

    4. Innocent flirtations
    Why? He'll feel insecure

    5. What you really think of his gift when you don't like it
    Why? If you reject the gift, you're rejecting him.

    What's everyone's opinion: Are these things you should keep from your man? Do you think it's more important to be honest and open about everything? Or just something in the middle?

    My opinion:

    DB and I have elected to be open and honest about everything. We've talked about everything in the list at some point and it's only brought us closer together. I know I can trust him to tell me anything, and he knows he can do the same. Then again, DB and I are both very relaxed (read: not prone to being jealous or insecure).
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    I don't keep things from my DH he nows all of that stuff about me and even more. I don't read Cosmo either though LOL. Even by omission a lie is still a lie.
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    hmm...i'm with you, we're open and honest about all...and i think we're much better for it!

    "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" ~ Psalm 27:1
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    at first I was like , then I was like when I saw how messed up the page it looked so then I was like *click*, *enter*, *click*, *enter*,
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    Ridiculous. Terrible advice
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    Yeah my dh knows all of the above and more. I dont keep anything from him
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scribble View Post
    1. Past Hookups
    The only one I agree with. The rest is just horrible advice.

    My little Loves!
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldilockz View Post
    Ridiculous. Terrible advice
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    i say be open and honest about everything. otherwise, people assume. which can only make things worse.
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    I wouldn't lie to my boyfriend or try and hide anything, but I do think it's okay not to volunteer stuff unless he asks.
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    My DB and I have talked about all of these things. We don't get jealous of one another, and are generally laid back too, so there has never been a problem. Even the past relationships we have both had we have discussed. We did that EARLY in our relationship b/c he's still friends w/ one of his ex's and I have an ex who's father just won't go away and doesn't get that me not answering his calls or calling him back is a hint to stop calling.

    The only thing I would keep to myself is if he got me something as a gift that was horrible. I know he tries his very absolute best to do sweet and thoughtful things...I have never gotten a bad gift from him, but think I might just keep it to myself if he ever did. Rejecting a gift isn't rejecting him in my opinion, but if I know he really truely tried and meant well I would tell him I loved it. I have told him though never to buy me clothes or shoes, lol...our tastes are way to different. He said okay.
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