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Thread: A Question for Conservatives...

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    Question A Question for Conservatives...

    I'm honestly just curious, not trying to start a debate....

    But for those of you who consider yourself conservative, how do you feel about Ann Coulter?

    Are you proud to have her a member of the Republican party? Or do you dislike her?

    I just ask because, I know there are a lot of liberals who I feel make my party look bad, and that I don't care to be associated with.

    Ann Coulter is pretty dang controversial. I'm just curious to hear some opinions.
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    I don't take her seriously enough to care. Does anyone?

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    I don't like her. I think like some others of her nature she breeds hate and animosity. I think she is too far right, with no wiggle room.

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    I could take her or leave her. I think of her along the same lines as Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. Shock value. I don't think extremism does either party any good. I think she's comical and entertaining at times, but realistically again - shock value.
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    I can't stand her. I think she is so obnoxious and I think she is kind of a fame whore because she only says those outrageous things so she can get on TV and promote her books.
    It's like every time she is in the news saying something outrageous you know she must have a book out to promote.

    My DH likes her and has like all of her books, drives me a little crazy.
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    I find her to be more entertaining than anything in terms of shock value. Nobody I sit there and take seriously......I don't think you need to make your point in such extremes, which is what I think she likes to do much of the time.
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    i think she like just about any other celebrity or person in the spotlight or with a well known name shouldn't be trying to speak for an entire group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaneyBug View Post
    I don't like her. I think like some others of her nature she breeds hate and animosity. I think she is too far right, with no wiggle room.
    Well said
  9. allahu alam
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    lol. she's a psycho, no two ways about it.

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    I actually like reading her articles. She may be very far to the right and I take what she says with a grain of salt but she makes some very good points in the articles that she writes. People are just too busy getting upset at every joke she makes to see the good points that she makes.

    I'm not even really a super conservative person (on some issues yes and some no) but I like that she is someone who is that isn't afraid to go out and shock people with what she says.

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