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Thread: If you were

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    If you were

    elected President, what would your strategy for the War in Iraq and Afganistan be? How would you implement your plan?
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    I don't know what my strategy would be other than maintaining our troops presence there.
    I would not surrender and I would not withdraw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgmwife1 View Post
    I don't know what my strategy would be other than maintaining our troops presence there.
    I would not surrender and I would not withdraw.

    I'm with you on this one. While I dislike the negativity of war, I can't deny that we're doing the right thing right now!

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    I think we already won the war there. We accomplished the "mission" of getting rid of Saddam and now we need to pursue diplomatic solutions. A government can't be built by a military, it needs to be built through diplomacy. So, I would set serious and binding benchmarks and put as much diplomatic power into the country as I could, and slowly withdraw the troops as those benchmarks are met. I would also make a serious appeal to the UN and the rest of the world to help because I just don't think we can do it on our own.
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    The mission has not been accomplished. I would remain there until it was.
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    i doubt that we can keep the war going as long as it takes simply because we can't afford it. I would let Iraqis have a vote on whether they want us to be there anymore. We shouldn't look at the poll or listen to anyone to make a guess whether they like us to stay there. Also, we should have a vote here in America. However, I think we need to put ourselves in their shoes first because it's their country and we never experience what they are suffering right now.
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    I would like to see the Iraqi's taking their country back. I think we should keep enough presence there so that they have a smooth (as it can get) transition to taking hold and keeping it under control as best they can. I think since we've been there this long Iraq will probably become a PDS so we will always have some sort of presence. When this is possible start withdrawing troops.
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    I am not really sure. I do think withdrawing them all at one time would be a bad idea. I would like to see it over, but then again, I dont want them all to come home just to have stuff happen all over again, if that makes any sense?
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    DISCLAIMER... i sound mean- But its mostly jokes:Don't get all offended! kk?!

    eh I'd just take them out & nuke it all & put up a parking lot with a massive WalMart... WITH the gas station! OOOH YEAAAAH!!!

    hahaha just kidding!

    I'd leave them there... but give them movies like The Godfather and Scarface to watch to gain strategies with... tell them to just jump down into to the middle of some bad guys, spin around in a circle with a machine gun, and repeat: "Say hello to my little friend!"

    Nahh.. Not that either..

    I'd leave the troops there until the mission was complete. Obviously its not because Al Quieda & other terrorist associations are still being implemented, and until we secure a government there that can handle these insurgents, we need to stay. For the security of the people living there, traveling there, and being born into there. It's absolutely horrible that we HAVE to, but hey, not everyone can be a kick a** country like us!!! And those little terrorist organizations need to realize you rattled a big dog's cage! If anything else, just to keep them from trying another 9/11
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    Honestly, I have no effing idea, and that is why I'd never run for President.

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