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Thread: State lotteries

  1. I'm from the south and sometimes I have a big mouth
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    I'm from the south and sometimes I have a big mouth
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    State lotteries

    Do you favor a state lottery? Why or why not? Our state is considering one and I'd like to hear opinions.
  2. Cookie Queen
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    I'm uh, slightly addicted to playing the lottery. I'm convinced that I'm going hit the jackpot.
  3. Keep Calm and Ride Unicorns
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    Um, I am used to having one, so I have never really looked into the pros and cons. I know that here in AZ, a lot of the money in the education budget comes from the lottery, so I would probably sway more for it. I am gonna have to do more research.
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    Nope. Its hypocritacal. Especially when its marketed as an 'Education lottery" where some proceeds go to help schools. I think South or North Carolina market it this way.
    We try to teach children a good work ethic and that gambling is "bad." But its ok if the money goes to a good cause?
    If gambling is wrong, then don't do a lottery. If gambling is not bad, then don't criminalize it, and allow people to open casino's and have slot machines in their stores.
    Either gambling is good or gambling is bad. What the money gets used for is irrelevant.
    Then there is also the issue, though there are no hard studies that I know about, that the people who play the lottery are the poor people who really can't afford to be playing the lottery. (This seems like it should be obvious, because why would a rich person play the lottery, though I am sure some do.)
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  5. The one your mama warned you about
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    The one your mama warned you about
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    Yes, I am in favor of the lottery. I grew up in Virginia where we had the lottery, and didn't know other states didn't have lotteries until I went to college in North Carolina and my friends would drive over the border to Virginia to buy powerball tickets. North Carolina just got a lottery in the last year or so, and it's done well. South Carolina's lottery is billed as an education lottery and they give TONS of money to students to stay instate to go to school.

    BTW, I just found out that you can have a lottery subscription in sister pays a monthly fee and they automatically play her numbers and send her a check if she wins anything. Which I think is pretty awesome.
  6. Loving Life!
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    I don't have a problem with the lottery. If you don't like the lottery, there's noone forcing you to play.

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  7. I love my guardsman!!!
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    I really dont have a clue. I live in alabama and have for most of my life and we dont have one so thats what i am used too.
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    I live in Louisiana and we have a lottery. My coworkers used to play and it was funny to hear how if they won, what they'd write on their resignation letters lol
    My brother works for the state lotto, so I know it at least gives him a good job lol

  9. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    I live in a lottery state. i don't actually play it that much occasionally we buy a ticket but not on a regular basis. I have no real opinions because I have no clue how the break down works as far as what gets what.

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  10. Banned
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    In Oregon (where I lived for the past ten years) the lottery is HUGE, and I was a bartender and saw a couple different sides to the issue...

    Good side.. the lottery generated a LOT of money for schools, parks, wildlife reserves, there is also no sales tax in OR, so this made up a lot of the difference, and the no sales tax thing is GREAT.

    Bad side.. the majority of the people who gamble (gamble addictively) are people who often don't have a lot of money to begin with. We had two instances at two bars I've worked at that stick out in my mind... One was this couple that clearly had money problems that would come in with cashiers checks already made out to the electric complany/gas company, etc, and would cross out the names, sign it over to the bar, take the money and gamble it all away. Also, once a policeman came into the bar and asked who owned a specific car outside, a couple who had been in the bar 3-4 hours, gambling, said it was theirs, well the cop put handcuffs on them and took them in because they had two toddlers in the car that whole time.

    Gambling is really sad in way, but also generates a lot of money.

    It's hard to make a call about that, cause I realize its a choice, but it also becomes an addiction really quickly in my experience.

    BTW- the gambling in Oregon is regular tickets (like powerball, etc) but they also have video poker machines (like slot machines in Vegas) and Keno. And the video poker is EVERYWHERE. Resteraunts, bars, little corner stores, etc. It is commonly referred to as "video crack".
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