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Thread: The Shell Game

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    The Shell Game

    I just started reading this book by Steve Alten. Previously he wrote horror novels (Meg being the most famous series he has done) In his monthly news letter he talks about having to change his number and that he has gotten a lot of official visitors. It is because of his newest book The Shell Game.

    It is a heavily researched book of fiction based on fact.It is about current world events to date more pointedly about our own government.

    Here is the Authors forward:
    The Story Behind The Shell Game

    It dates back to the 15th century. Three shells, a flat surface, and a soft, little ball. The street vendor performs his magic, maneuvering the shells in patterns of interesting circles, then asks the viewing public where the ball is. Place a wager and lift one shell; expose the ball and you win. But the shell game is neither skill nor game of chance, but an act of deception, for the ball has been switched from the obvious shell through a sleight of hand, and any prior "winners" were all part of the con.

    On a grander scale, the shell game is a democracy broken, cloaked by a veneer that alters society's perception of the world----lies based on spin, truth without fact. It is a hypocrisy that tears at the fabric of society-radicals who kill innocent people in the name of Gd, politicians who favor loyalty over competence, corporations that profit from bloodshed, and the media outlets who slant their broadcasts to meet the needs of their advertisers. It is legislation based on greed instead of need----health care systems that feed pharmaceutical companies instead of the sick, energy policies monopolized by the private sector and safe guarded by members of Congress who suckle off the teat of campaign donations. It is policies that protect the needs of the powerful and loopholes the encourage Wall Street raiders to seize worker pension funds----the system's reward for a hostile takeover. It is a federal budget that invests billions into weapons of mass destruction and pennies into its fighting soldiers, hiding the grim reality that one in three adult homeless males is a combat vet, that one in four veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan suffers mental health problems, that our nation's warriors have been left behind by an administration that wraps itself in the stars and stripes but refuses to provide adequate funding for our soldiers' needs.

    Most of all, the shell game is about a society addicted to oil, the profits of which empower politicians and finance corrupt regimes, fund weapons that kill, build schools that teach hatred, and support terrorist organizations that target democracies.

    But as in all great deceptions, eventually it is the truth that exposes the con: that the end of oil is upon us, that there are no alternative resources in place, that an extremist ideology has grown stronger as a result of the failures of our appointed leaders... and then the reality of our course shall hit home.

    The following work of fiction becomes nonfiction in or about 2012.
    Be forewarned ... our clock is ticking.
    So what do you think? Interesting reading or just a load of crap?
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    It sounds like interesting reading. I don't think he's right on with everything but I believe he has quite a few good points in there. It sounds worth checking out.

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