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Thread: Smoking and drinking during pregnancy

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    Confused Smoking and drinking during pregnancy

    I LOVE debates and I love this debate...What are your thoughts? Do you Smoke or Drink during pregnancy? Why? Why Not? What do you do when you see a pregnant mother at a party drinking and smoking it up?

    Personally, I quit everything. I don't smoke but everything else I stopped. I didn't dye my hair, eat certain foods, and stayed away from caffeine. Why did I?

    I dont get pregnant easily and I wanted nothing to interfere with my pregnancy. I decided to give up some times to be able to have healthy babies. It wasn't up for debate for me....Get rid of all it all until I am not thriving for 2 or 3.
    (Disclaimer: The following information is coming from a Army wife who doesn't actually know any specifics 100%. Often told to her by husband or other wise ones. Though, they all will admit that at times they dont know the specifics neither. The information received should be considered unstable and possibly flammable. Do not disseminate. )
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    I quit smoking last Sept and I barely drink but NO WAY would I do so when I was pregnant. I think it is so selfish to put a habit you can quit (hell yea its hard my DH is doing now and I have been there) over the health and safety of your child. This child is a miracle and I wanted to do whatever I could to get pregnant and I didn't want to have any reason to lose the baby other than mother nature. I am pretty adament on this. My sister smoked through all 3 of her pregnancys and they are fine but there was always that chance you know?
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    My opinion is that this is black and white, with only some gray area.
    Once you decide to have a child, you become a parent, and your desires need to start coming second. Smoking and drinking are optional activities that have no benefits for your child while you are pregnant. Why would you want to? What parent, at the beginning of parenthood wants to start out that way? Why is what you want more important than the wellbeing of your child? It shouldn't be, that is the answer.

    That being said, the occasional glass of wine can have health benefits, though they haven't studied (that I'm aware of) the possible health benefits of occasional wine consumption on a fetus. So, I feel this is the gray area.

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    I don't smoke so it was not that hard not to smoke during pregnancy. And as for drinking, well I love an occasional drink but when I was pregnant I stop that too. I did not dye my hair and also stop drinking caffeine but I will have that occasional need for a cold coke.
    As for those who do drink and smoke during their pregnancy. Its their body and their choice to do it. You can't really preach someone who would not listen. The fact they are doing it means they don't care. It's a sad reality but that's the way life is.
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    Smoking and drinking while pregnant is irresponsible and in some ways could be considered child abuse in my opinion. Fetal alcohol syndrome is real and dangerous and smoking does cause cancer so I can't imagine why a women would want to subject their child to that. In my opinion, if that women does she is too young, uneducated, immature or .... stupid.
    While a glass of wine every so often might not have lasting detrimental effects, those studies that claim that a glass of red wine a day is beneficial are hotly debated in the medical world so we'll probably need to see more information about that before we can make any decision.
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    Once I found out I was preggo I quit everything..and decided since I was quitting smoking for the baby..this would just be a good time to quit smoking period! My DH decided the same thing too! so now we are both smoke free...I havea friend who smoked her whole pregnancy because she thought if she stopped that it would just hurt the baby even more...but I thought quitting sooner is always better? I mean she finally quit after she was born...but I wish she would have quit once she found out she was preggo!
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    Growing up, I've always been told that smoking and drinking are terrible for the baby and that you should not do either during pregnancy. I don't smoke and I never will, especially during pregnancy. Now, as far as drinking goes. My sons pediatric cardiologist and my OB both told me that if I'm stressing out, I should relax and have a glass of wine. So every once in a while (no more than once a month), I have a glass of wine with dinner, when the day is winding down. I don't see a problem with having a glass of wine here and there during your pregnancy as it does relax you and if you're like me, you're likely to go into premature labor and need to carry to term or longer. Drinking heavily or all the time during pregnancy is irresponsible and stupid. It does hurt your baby. But once in a while, sure, enjoy a glass of wine. BUT ONLY A GLASS and only once in a great while!
    Oh, and my son is perfectly healthy except for the congenital heart defect that was discovered when I was only 15 weeks along, and that is related to medical issues our families have.
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    I got pregant two weeks after beginning TTC.

    I drank the day I found out I was pregnant (my birthday and I wasn't expecting to get pregnant so quickly!!) and had a sip of champagne on our cruise a few weeks later. Other than that, no drinking.

    I don't smoke. I don't have much caffeine, and cut it back further.

    I didn't get my nails done, dye my hair, or eat sushi.

    If it was suggested not to do it, I didn't.

    Caring for my child was my number one priority. Still is.
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    I personally would not do either. But whatever another woman chooses to do is up to her. With that being said all the complications from smoking during pregnancy are well known. If you smoke while pregnant dont whine and complain later when you have premature labor,low birth weight or other complications. You brought it on yourself. Yes its hard as hell to quit. But it can be done.
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    I don't smoke and rarely drink. I didn't do it when I was pregnant. I didn't dye my hair at all at that time so that was no opinion. I was parent.
    "Obstinacy is a fault of temperament. Stubbornness and Intolerance of contradiction result from a special kind of Egotism, which elevates above everything else the pleasure of its own autonomous intellect, to which others must bow.: Carl von Clausewitz
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