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Thread: Political Violence Class

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    Political Violence Class

    So I am in this badass POL SCI class which discusses terrorism from each perspective. It is awesome. We discussed in class today that all these different government departments have a different "definition" of what terrorism and no one can agree on one. The interesting part is that the definitions are so broad that almost any criminal act could be defined as an act of terrorism. (Assassinations, the Columbine/Virginia Tech incidents, computer crimes, bomb threats, etc)

    This got me to thinking about the Boston Tea Party which was a revolutionary act, but today it would be considered an act of terrorism. (It was a violent act against a symbolic target designed to send a political message.) There is really no way to differentiate between the two...

    This brings me to another point. What is the big deal with the second amendment? It was included in the constitution so we could take arms against the government should they ever get out of hand. Even if we had a non-violent Boston Tea Party display of peaceful protest against the government... we would be considered "terrorists" -- the right to protest and the right to bear arms have become basically worthless and mostly symbolic.

    I don't know the class is a little annoying because there are so many questions and not any answers. Anyway, any thoughts on how all this terrorists not having rights shizz may affect us when the government can't tell the difference between "freedom fighters" and "terrorists"?
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    I have no clue but it is a very scary thought.

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