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Thread: Planned "Unplanned" Pregnancies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rileysmom
    I disagree. I agree that its a man and a womans RESPONSIBILITY, but its up to the woman not to get pregnant! A woman does have ultimate control... if she does not want to have a chance at getting pregnant, then she should not have sex! My pregnancy was an "planned surprise" meaning we weren't using BC, but hadn't got pregnant in over two years of unprotected sex.. but if I were to say that I had no control over that would be foolish.
    I agree that ultimately it's up to the woman and if she doesn't want to get pregnant she should take measures or abstain. BUT we're debating women who are trapping men by getting pregnant. I think it's a fair bet to say that the women in this case wont be taking such measures! Trapping guys by getting pregnant is wrong on many levels, but if a guy really doesn't want a kid he has the same options of either abstaining or putting a condom on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelda780
    Trapping guys by getting pregnant is wrong on many levels, but if a guy really doesn't want a kid he has the same options of either abstaining or putting a condom on.
    I agree with you there. The issue is honesty. I would say that most women that trap men state that they are on the pill. My husbands ex told him that she was on the pill, when in fact he found out after she got pregnant that she had been 'faking' taking them and hiding them. She was dumb enough to hide them between the mattress and the wall.

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    When you put it like that, I totally agree with you. A man should obviously know that there is always a risk, so I agree that while the woman might have the "intention" to trap him, he is takilng the risk by having sex as well, so he should wiegh the risk of having the baby vs. the desire to have sex. That is like someone drunk driving, and then getting pulled over for a tailight being out, and being mad that he gets a DUI for a tailight being out. It doesn't matter HOW it happened, you made a choice, and risk the consequences... So yes, now that I see what you are saying, I don't think that a guy can really get trapped.
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    nevermind...should have read the whole thing before I posted, you guys have already been over my opinion once or twice. it is up to BOTH the male and female to ensure THEY don't get pregnant. Yes the women will have to physically bear the child so she has a little more interest at stake in ensuring she doesn't get pregnant, but it takes TWO to tango!
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    Wow!! I've never heard of guys poking holes in condoms or takign them off mid-way!!

    I mean SHIT it's usually the guy who is deathly afraid of getting some girl pregnant.
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