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Thread: Crockpot 101 Lots of ?

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    Crockpot 101 Lots of ?

    What type of meats do you usually make there? I've never use my crockpot and I'm planning on using it today. If I cook today will the meat still be as tender/juicy tomorrow?

    I have a skirt steak, would that be a good type of meat to cook in it? I usually cook it in a flat top but I want something different with it this time.

    Also, how do I know how long to cook different meats for? Low or High?

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    Cut up some onions, potatoes, and carrots it in with a roast and a can of beef broth. Set on low for 8 hours or hight for 4 hours.

    As for the steak, I am not sure. Wont hurt to try.
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    Cut the steak into bite sized pieces, throw it in the crockpot with a can of cheese soup and a jar of salsa. Cook for about five hours and then throw a can of black beans (what I use, but you could use a different type of beans if you wanted) and a can of corn on top, stir, and cook for a couple more hours until you're ready to eat. Top it with some shredded cheese and serve it with tortilla chips on the side. I usually always serve it with a salad, and I mix ranch dressing with hot sauce for a spicy ranch dressing. Nomnomnom.

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