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Thread: Stuffing?!?!

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    I am looking for a super tastey crock pot recipe for stuffing? Anyone?
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    My stuffing isn't made in the crockpot. You could but I don't know how it would turn out.

    1 pkg little smokie sausages (I like the beef ones)
    couple packages of stuffing mix
    1 egg
    two cans broth
    stove top stuffing

    I just put some butter in the bottom of a BIG pot and stir fry the sausages, celery, and onion until slightly cooked, add the stuffing mix (big bread crumbs), some stove stop stuffing mixes (more flavor), egg, and then add enough broth to make the bread slightly soggy.

    I bake mine for aprox. 2 hours until slightly crispy. I dont like gooey bread. I like it because you can make it anytime.
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