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Thread: Amazon Echo... Does anyone have one?

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    Amazon Echo... Does anyone have one?

    I have some airline miles that are due to expire soon and the only thing that semi interested me was the Echo. I'd love to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.
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    I liked it till I didn't have Amazon prime anymore and couldn't listen to free music. So it became pointless and I sold it.
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    My boyfriend just got one, he's only had it a few days but it's pretty stupid IMO. He was playing with it over the weekend and it didn't have answers to anything he asked I'm not impressed at all. But in all fairness, I think it's stupid waste of money to begin with so I'll never have anything good to say about it.

    He did ask if she thinks he's stupid, and she said "I don't know you well enough to tell." I liked that.
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    We got one when it was really cheap. I just ask it the weather. My husband took it to work so they use it there all the time. I wouldnt pay full price for it.
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    DH got one when they were cheaper for Prime users. We like it. We ask it weather. It's our alarm clock. Sometimes we listen to the news. And I like it because there is a sports radio show I like to listen to and I can play iheartradio through the echo and have one less app on my phone. Same with Pandora. She can play pandora. And she can tell jokes and random facts about cats!

    ETA: I also use and really like the "shopping list" feature. You say "Alexa add milk to my shopping list" and she puts it on your shopping list which accessible in the app. We have the base in our bedroom and the remote which you can also talk to in the kitchen. So when I'm cooking and get low on something it's right there for adding to the list

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