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Thread: Who has a large SUV or Van?

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    Who has a large SUV or Van?

    DH and I need to buy a new car and would rather go ahead and get something big that will last a while. We plan on having at least 2 more kids after this one and we travel often since his family lives out of state (and eventually we will be far from my family too) because it's far we usually stay for at least 2 weeks when we go so we take a lot of stuff and we will have to take a pack and play, swing, stroller etc once the baby is born.

    We've considered smaller SUVs but I would prefer to go ahead and get something that has a 3rd row of seats.

    So what do you drive? Pros? Cons?

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    I have had several suburbans. opinion is they are fabulous! Space for families and stuff. Gas mileage is not as great as they use to be but often comparable to vans (especially depending on the van). For any SUVs of size I find that the chevy/gmc makes are the best. Suburban, tahoe, yukon, and denali. One of those 4. The suburban is the bigger size the tahoe is smaller. They all fit 8-9 passengers (if the third seat is in). The burb/yukon will just have more storage than the tahoe/denali. AND!!! depending on where you live, your suburban could be classified as a car and not a truck. Jackpot for registration imo.

    Oh cons...well gas but if you are planning on a suv or van than you know gas will not be the cheapest anyhow.
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    My mom drives a Ford Explorer and LOVES that thing. I've gotten to drive it before as well and it was a really smooth drive, easy to operate and the gas mileage is of course not that great but otherwise it is a really good, dependable vehicle. She has the 3 seats with the bucket seats in the middle, I've ridden in every row of that car and it's always been comfortable anywhere I sit. It has all the bells and whistles too with the back up camera, touch screen navigation and radio system, Sirius XM, connects to her phone and uses the hands free calling etc. The car is really nice, it's dependable and if I was going to get an SUV I'd probably look that route!

    My grandmother has a Honda Odyssey and those aren't bad either!

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    When my siblings and I were still living at home my parents had two Chrysler Town and Country Caravans. My aunt has had a Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, and now a GMC Acadia. Those are the ones I've know to work for big families.
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    Suburban.. hands down..

    We've owned both Suburban and Dodge Caravan.. both served their purposes well, but if I had to go back, I would buy the suburban 10 times over...
    Suburban has a third row that is roomy (Can fit a tall large male), and the cargo space in it isn't not comparable to anything else.. I have fit a recliner in the cargo area even with the 3rd row in..

    If you can afford it, get a suburban... if you cannot afford a suburban then get a van...

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    We have a Kia Sedona. It has been a surprisingly good vehicle, mechanically. I would LOVE a Honda Oddysey someday but our income would have to increase drastically for that to happen. I love having a minivan so much. We went from a Honda Civic to the Sedona so it was like buying a mansion after living in an apartment.
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    We have a Yukon and love it!! I'll never go back to anything except a Yukon/Tahoe.

    DH drives an Escalade, which is very very similar too.

    We have three kids: almost 16, 12, and 7. Our trucks have a ton of room for them, plus our two dogs and luggage.
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    I personally drive a Ram, however my parents and in-laws have Chevy Tahoes with the third row seats and they are amazing! They have plenty of room and they are very comfortable driving in long road trips.
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    My mom has a sorento and loves it!!

    I dont have kids yet but I am eyeing up the hyundai santa fe.
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    i love my suburban lol
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