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Thread: Wireless carriers and plans

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    Wireless carriers and plans

    We live overseas and have been here for over 4 years now so we're out of the loop on these things
    What are the discounts for different carriers? They don't outright say on their websites.
    Also what are you paying for data usage with what carrier? I was looking at Verizon and it seems outrageous. I'm thoroughly confused.

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    We have T-Mobile. They give us a 15% military discount every month on our service plan. We pay $85 a month for unlimited minutes, unlimited texting and that is for 2 lines. I think its a great deal because we never have to worry about going over our minutes and paying crazy high fees.
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    It depends on what your looking for. Most major companies will give up to 15% off the bill plus up to 15 % of extras (cases, chargers ect). The next thing you need to think about it what kinda things do you want? Sprint has unlimited text and calls to cell phones. I want to say thats as low as $50 month. (few my friends have this)

    Depending on how many people are in your family and going to get cell phones for you got different family share plans(verizon) or Most called numbers 9 t-mobile ) where u have like 5, 10 or 20 numbers that u can call unlimited.

    My husband and I have verizon. We have family shared plan 700 mins. But we can call anyone who has verizon and it dont count against our mins. We also have a blackberrys. So with the discount it cost about $160 a month.
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