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Thread: frg for non deployed reserves

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    frg for non deployed reserves

    I just became the unit frg coordinator. Its a reserve unit the is not deployed however the comander wants an active frg. Since we only have drill once a month what do you all think would be good acrivites for an frg? I am planning on starting a newsletter but as far as activities for family members and how to get them involved?
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    Honestly, when they aren't deployed, our FRG doesn't do much.

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    I was on committees for the FRG for the ship and when it was home and we planned stuff it was only FRG board/committee members and the OMBUDS that showed up. The only time we had others show up was when the command started offering a Monday off if a wife/husband attended an FRG meeting. He hoped it would get them in the door and wanting to come back again. After that happened once and no one returned the second time the CO let us stop and pick up again for the next deployment.
    As for activities we did lots of potlucks at the meetings and we had the red cross come give severe weather preparedness presentations, tricare representatives, kids crafts around holidays were good and do keep in mind that kid-free events are nice for those that have no kids. You could do an adults night out and do dinner during the meeting. Bowling night was always a big turn out for families and for couples with no kids. Who doesn't like bowling?! =) If you want to start this month you could always hold a fall festival type event where families can bring their pumpkins and carve them as a group, potluck dinner, pie in the face of upper officers/ enlisted to raise money for future events(if they are more relaxed of course)The activities really depend on your climate, access to funds and what the personalities of the command leaders are.
    The newsletter idea is great, our ombudsman did those. She included command news, area news and events, and a child's page with a coloring page/word search/etc. and she would include pictures from a recent event we held.

    If you have any other questions or want to bounce ideas PM me. I was on our fundraising and events committees before and during deployment and I was in charge of homecoming this last year. I'm sure there are more experienced people on here who can better help you but I'm here none the less!
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    I personally think that FRG's should attempt to coordinate events even without a deployment. It makes it harder to integrate that group into your life when you are ONLY doing things when the command is deployed.

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