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Thread: Key Spouses?

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    Key Spouses?

    So DH's unit doesn't have a Key Spouse (never has apparently). His unit has the smallest # of military personel on the base and because only a few (max 6) people deploy at a time, and a lot of the guys are single, no one has even inquired about being a key spouse. I thought it may help me get involved and understand DH's unit and work a bit (as well as meeting other spouses) concidering us being new here, so I was talking to his first shirt about it. Basically we are just waiting on a letter of appointment from the commander and then I can do the training next month. Just wanted to get some info from other Key Spouses about what to expect from the training and everything


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    I'm thinking about doing it right now too. Ours pcs and they want to replace her with 2-3 spouse so we share the load.
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    good luck! I wish I had info for you but i'm a newbie at all this military wife stuff I want to get involved when we get to our first duty station!
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    Training is a lot of info that you've probably heard before... we also had to attend the Right Start brief on base too. I enjoy being a key spouse, I've got to meet a lot of great ladies that I probably wouldn't have gotten to meet. You'll work closely with the CC (commander) or the 1st Sgt, depending on the unit. I know a lot of the goings on in the SQ now and love getting to know everyone has been great. Our A&FRC does periodic training (additional info) and has guest speakers for us. All in all, I love being a KS. If you have any other ??, give me a call!
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    I am just starting the Key Spouse role too. Should be interesting.
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    I just stepped in as FRG leader for a deploying unit... this shal be a learning experience for all of us!

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