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Thread: Holiday event

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    Help Holiday event

    Hi All!
    I'm the new FRG for my husband's unit & was tasked with a holiday party with no budget. There hasnt been an FRG in several years. In the past the officers have gotten together at the last minute and bought some food and everyone sat around bored. I'm told they will handle the food similarly this year but I need to come up with a way to make it better. I have alot of game ideas and decoration ideas.

    Problem is.... I still dont know any of the rules for fundraising and/or asking for people to help. Is there a way for me to find "entertainment" or some donated items for raffling or something like that?
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    Hm. No budget? I don't know about asking for help and whatnot... but I think if it were me I would ask local organizations if you could do anything to help them. Instead of sitting around bored, maybe go to the local pet shelter and have a "cuddle" party with the kitty's or walk dogs? Or volunteer in a soup kitchen and make it sort of a group activity?

    If nothing like that how about a present wrapping party? Have some people volunteer to take the kiddos for a "kids holiday party" and throw a parents present wrapping party? Call it "wrap and rap" -- at least that way you wouldn't be doing nothing and it would be totally free?
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    I was the FRG VP for my hubbys ship and we were not allowed to ask organizations for donations but if you KNOW somebody that works for a company you can pass it along to them in passing and they could ask but the FRG can not. Where are you located
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    Advertise Beer people will show up . lol But As for things to Donate I guess you can hit up some local comapnys and see if they want to donate something
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