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Thread: Fort Carson FRGs?

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    Fort Carson FRGs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by louisa85 View Post
    Sorry to bother you here, but I am desperately trying to find one of the Ft. Carson FRGs. They don't seem to have a website except through the .mil domain, and I can't find them. I'd really like to get in touch because I have an urgent concern about my deployed boyfriend. Any Fort Carson FRG ladies on here, or someone who might be able to help me get in touch? I have unit info but don't want to post here.
    I have ties to Ft. Carson. My husband is deployed from there right now. I have someone's number and email. PM me.
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    for you
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    i have information. pm me.
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    Louisa is it info you need to get to your hubby or just you needing to contact his FRG?? Depending on what FRG it is i can ask and see if i can get a number im POC for mine.

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