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Thread: how do you become an ombudsman?

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    My husband called me and asked for the CMC if I was interested in the job. They knew I was unhappy with the two that were in the position and the command was unhappy with them as well. They asked me why I would want the job and want qualified me for the job, then I went in for a little interview with the CO, XO and CMC. There is a 2-3 day training class (Depends if it is just nights or day classes).
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    My husbands command was looking for new ones, so they put out a message in the POD. My husband submitted my name, I got a call from the CMC, and they did a quick phone interview (pretty much wanting to know my military experience and why I wanted to be an Ombudsman) I did an interview in person with the CO, XO, CMC, and their wives (their wives were the scariest haha) I was told they'd call me back in the next few days, but by the time I got off the pier they called to offer me the position because apparently their wives loved me (OMG!) There is OBT (Ombudsman Basic Training) that all new Ombudsman are required to go through, then monthly meetings you have to attend.
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