I will do custom orders here at my new shop, but i will do only 10-15 at a time. If you do request an item to be made, please leave a description in full detail of what you want. That means the saying, the picture you want used(leave that here with just the picture or the link), the colors, and what not. If you do request one please give me about a week at the most to get it made and put up. You will have to go to the shop to order this item...as i cant order it for you from here.

Heres the items you can choose from:

*Throw Pillow
*Tote bag
*Teddy bear
For both male/female
For the kids
*Infant Onsie
*Toddler T-shirt
For the women
*Hooded Sweater
*Jr Hoodie
*Jr Raglan
*Womans Raglan
*Womans Tracksuit
*Jr Tanktop
*Womans Tantop
*Maternity Top
For the men
*Mens T-shirt