I am a Virtual Assistant (VA) and thought I would post my information here:

VAs are professional office assistants who provide office services and support to large AND small business without being physically present. They provide a wide range of business services through the Internet, fax and telephone. Unlike temporary employees, VAs are entrepreneurs -- just like many of their clients. Since much of their work is done online, they can work locally or globally.

Virtual Assistants are professionals who:
* Are exceptionally skilled and experienced technically and administratively
* Process your projects from start to finish
* Impact your life by alleviating drudgery
* Are dedicated and driven to increase your productivity
* Give you the time to concentrate on your business
* Commit to an ongoing relationship with you and your business
* Can become your right hand

Services include:
* Word Processing Items
* Website design/management
* Database creation/management
* Bookkeeping
* Desktop Publishing

Samuel Virtual Assisting