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Thread: selling on ebay

  1. sh4au
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    Question selling on ebay

    I'm thinking about selling some of my husband's stuff on ebay (its taking up space in our baby to be's room) & I have a question. I've never sold anything on ebay, and have only bought 2 or 3 things before, so I'm wondering, how do you know how much the shipping cost will be... & do you have any pointers for selling stuff?? Thanks!!
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    there are a few things you can do for shipping, weigh what you sell and work it out using ebays shpping calculator, or just put a flat rate eg. $5 for each lb? that's how i do it. download turbo lister, it will help you list a lot of things at once and is step by step. hope this helped, good luck

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    Always pay the little extra to have a picture come up with your listing. Have multiple pictures and a well written description of the item. Reply to questions promptly.

    What are you selling? That will give me a better idea about shipping. You can PM me if you have any other e-bay questions.
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    Have you thought of craiglist? It is local and it is free.

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