I tried to edit my old post but it kept timing out...so here's the gaming PC!

Its a Cybertron X-Cruiser. We upgraded to 1GB memory, 256MB video card, the specs below were copied from the website, so ignore the RAM and video. It runs Everquest 2. Oblivion and WoW without lag. We bought it for $600 in March 06 but we just got DH a gaming laptop. Asking $350 plus shipping (note: it's heavy). It's only the PC, no monitor or speakers. Does have keyboard and mouse though.


Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition SP1
Platform PC
PCI Slots (Total) 3
AGP Slots (Total) 1
Processor Brand Intel®
Processor Class Pentium® 4
Processor Number 506
Processor Speed 2.66GHz
Memory Type DDR
Total Memory 512 mB
Capacity 80GB
Optical Drive Type DVD-ROM / CD-RW Combo
Video Memory 64 shared
Communications Description 56Kbps PCI Modem
Dual Integrated LAN Support
Data Transfer Rate 10Mbps 100Mbps
Power 350 Watt
Mouse Type Wheel
Buttons 2
Height 17"
Width 7.75"
Depth 19.25"

This Bundle Includes

* Intel Pentium 4 506 2.66GHz 1MB
* PC Chips M957G Motherboard
* 512MB DDR Memory
* 80 GB Hard Drive
* Combo16x DVD 52x24x52CDRW
* UniChrome II 3D Graphics
* 6 Channel Audio
* 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
* 56K FAX/Modem
* X-Cruiser Mid-tower Chassis Black
* 350 Watt Power Supply
* Black Windows Keyboard
* 2 Button Wheel Mouse
* Stereo Speakers
* Windows XP Home
* 1 Year Warranty On Labor & Parts