This is Berkley's Husband. I am an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal, and I'm sure I had the same questions on my mind that you do right now; Is this just a scam? Do they actually provide anything? How much is it going to actually cost? Will the service be there I need it? Is this business going to require a lot of work? Is this the right fit for me? First off, this is not a scam, you cannot get traded on the NY Stock Exchange for almost 30yrs by running a scam, if you want to look it up the ticker code is PPD. PPLSI actually does provide a service; you don't only hire people to hire other people. We offer a variety of plans to help out everyone, which was the reason PPLSI got created in the first place. The start-up cost is minimal, and you can make it back in a few days, you pay a $10 processing fee, one time, and the plans start around $16/mo. Now if you want to be an associate there is a one time $49 fee for that, which you only pay once as long as you keep your membership. The membership service will be there 24/7 if you need it, as long as it isn't a preexisting issue. This is a business just like any other, expect there is a great potential to set yourself up to receive a residual income for the rest of your life, but it does take some work, as is anything that is worth doing. Anyone can do this job, it is just a matter of wanting to have a better life. If you can dream about being successful then you can be successful. If however you decide you don't want to make more money, then at least get a membership and use it, because when you do that, it at least saves you money. So please take a look at this video. www.MattCarden.BuildLastingSuccess.com

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